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Joel Kelly

Joel Kelly

The popular appeal of Campaign Finance Reform

Joel Kelly casts his eye across the pond to see why disassociation from big money is paying off for the likes of Sanders and Trump

We should be neither proud nor regretful of the British Empire

In the 21st century there is no reason to attach pride or shame to an Empire that had nothing to do with us, instead we should be objective about our past

Will Cameron’s claims over Syria be his undoing?

Joel Kelly asks whether Cameron’s claim that there are 70,000 moderate opposition fighters in Syria will be his fatal undoing

Who is Justin Trudeau and why should we care?

Newly elected Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau could be the international test case for the revival of social democratic policies worldwide, and in Britain

Why Germany can’t solve the refugee crisis alone

Chancellor Merkel’s response to the refugee crisis has been admirable, but Joel Kelly argues that we can’t expect Germany to take all the responsibility