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Robert Firth

Robert Firth

English and money problems as an international student

With over ten thousand international students studying at The University of Manchester, Robert Firth investigates how difficult it is to adapt to living and studying in a different country.

Teetotallers have it harder at university.

With drunken Freshers’ week antics now over, Robert Firth takes a look at what university life is like for students who don’t drink.

Career Corner: Manchester Graduates at idealo Berlin

The place where former Manchester students report back from the real world. This week we chat to four graduates working in Berlin.

No one is sure how to solve the problem of sexual harassment

With the release of the NUS Statistics that more than a third of students have suffered sexual harassment, Robert Firth takes a look at the problems surrounding the issue.

Supermarket Sweep

Robert Firth takes a trip to the supermarket to see where you should be doing your weekly shop.

Live: Farao

Farao is captivating, though lacking in substance without her backing band

Live: San Cisco

San Cisco perform a fun set but their performance lacks edge.

Interview: San Cisco

San Cisco chat about touring, their influences and Spotify.