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Bursaries Articles

Work experience bursaries available to students

Work experience bursaries available to students

Students can apply for bursaries to help finance work experience placement costs

Students’ Union General Secretary defends manifesto

Alex Tayler was elected on a manifesto promising cheaper food, an increased bursary fund for masters students and an affordable ‘Stagecoach-First’ bus pass

Bursaries improve students’ chances of getting a better degree

Recent research shows that students who receive bursaries perform better in their degrees than if they had not received the financial aid

Manchester Students’ Union calls upon university to reverse its plans to cut bursaries

In a petition, they demand the university acknowledge its commitment to social responsibility and widening participation

Higher bursaries fail to attract poorer applicants

More than 20 universities failed to reach target levels for attracting poor students, despite the offer of means-tested awards