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Review: Song From Far Away

Review: Song From Far Away

Song From Far Away, starring Will Young as a man coming to terms with his brother’s death, is not quite moving – and that’s what makes it so special
Grimmfest 2021:  Hotel Poseidon – A movie you cannot forget

Grimmfest 2021: Hotel Poseidon – A movie you cannot forget

Inspired by hotel horror flicks like The Shining, Hotel Poseidon is an uncomfortable and surreal exploration of one mans psyche
Kobe Bryant: How should we remember the dead?

Kobe Bryant: How should we remember the dead?

Nimo Omer explores the complicated discussion surrounding Kobe Bryant’s life and death
Obituary: Scott Hutchinson

Obituary: Scott Hutchinson

On Friday it was confirmed that, Frightened Rabbit singer, Scott Hutchinson was found dead after a presumed suicide.
MMU University student found dead in halls

MMU University student found dead in halls

Police discovered the body of a man on Friday morning

The ‘Before I Die’ blackboard: Iterations and implications

Elliott Mills illustrates how the ‘Before I Die’ blackboard, as well as other everyday features of Oxford Road, is a symbol for the cycle of life and death

Top 5: Songs About Death

With the death of Leonard Cohen, Jack Ashworth shows us the songs that have looked at the passage into ‘that great gig in the sky’ with more nuance

Why we love terrorism

Terrorism plays into our passions for a good story, simplistic explanations, and dark fantasies

With A Little Help From My Friends: A Tribute To George Martin (1926-2016)

A reflection on the legacy of Beatles producer George Martin

Cambridge student found murdered in Cairo

Visiting scholar and Cambridge Ph.D. student Giulio Regeni was found murdered in Cairo

Classic Review: The Seventh Seal

Despite being the subject of endless parodies, Ingmar Bergman’s early masterpiece, The Seventh Seal, remains a bleak and thought-provoking work of cinema

One death is a tragedy, 173 deaths is a statistic

The glorification of violence and killing on the battle field is as abhorrent and disgraceful as celebrating it anywhere else

Cyclists face danger on Oxford Road corridor

Ben Flanagan looks at the risks student cyclists face and asks who is to blame for so many accidents – cyclists or motorists?

Man dies of suspected overdose at Academy indoor festival

It is believed the man took a quantity of MDMA inside Academy 2

Philip Seymour Hoffman: The Master (1967-2014)

Angus shares his own personal reflections on the tragic passing of the brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman

Wait for the drop…

Emily Thomas discusses how drug-taking has become endemic at Warehouse Project, with tragic consquences

Man arrested after body found dead in city centre canal

Body found in Rochdale Canal with the cause of death unknown

The Bell Jar’s new cover: a necessary facelift?

The new ‘chick-lit’ image undermines the novel’s integrity, but can all be forgiven if it reaches a wider readership?

Music and design – a dying art?

George Bailey mourns the death of creative record design as the digital craze takes over

Manchester well above average in alcohol-related deaths and hospital trips

But students “not responsible for increasing cost of alcohol misuse”