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Why are there no openly gay footballers?

Is football as progressive as we think?

Students react to Donald Trump election triumph

Everyone has something to say on the shock victory, so we gathered the opinions of students around the country

De Montfort University’s decision to honour PM for gay marriage comes under fire

The De Montfort University Vice-Chancellor has been criticised for not consulting students and ignoring the PM’s voting record before making him a Companion of the university

Progressive? Try regressive on for size.

Joe Evans still feels uncomfortable with the ingrained levels of misogyny and sexism evident in our daily lives, and looks forward to a time when gender roles are no more and masculinity can lose its bad reputation

Changing the Way Feminism Is Defined

Feminism is a word that has been dragged through the mud, giving it a meaning that a lot of people would prefer not to be associated with. So is it time to redefine what it stands for?