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Is the Green Goddess Salad worth your thyme?

Is the Green Goddess Salad worth your thyme?

Lettuce see whether this viral TikTok salad is worth the hype…
It’s time to spill the tea on coffee

It’s time to spill the tea on coffee

Many students enjoy, and rely, on coffee but what are the effects on the body?


Get inspired to cook healthy meals for your whole student flat with Manchester based company, Veg Box People. #vegouttogether

Daisy and Anokhi take a trip down Biko Street

A space for students to meet, eat and get involved in student life

Super quick and healthy salmon supper

Aan easy guide to making a tasty and nutritious weeknight meal

Butternut Squash and Sage Tagliatelle

A super quick, healthy and satisfying dish, butternut squash is full of vitamin c and is creamy when mashed and mixed with low fat crème fraîche

Champagne and Wholegrain

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs shows us how to make life worth getting up for

So what is ‘Love Juice’?

Helena Maxwell-Jackson heads to Chorlton to find out

Wake Me Up Before Your Kokoa

Fortunately for my daily chocolate intake (for the next year at least), Greenhouse now stock the award-winning brand of Kokoa Collection

What’s so sweet about sweet potatoes?

“The golden nugget of the superfoods: the sweet potato” Here’s how to get this gem into your diet in a cheap, easy and tasty way

Overnight wholemeal cranberry raisin seeded walnut boule

Inspired by M&S’s cranberry & toasted pecan baton, I aimed to produce something similar, but on a larger and more-affordable scale.

Flat Bonding: The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

Moving into a flat full of strangers can be daunting, especially in the first few days of settling in. Speed past this awkward phase by getting to know each other through the wonderful medium of food.


Not so sure about the widely known liquid-food? Let Cecilia change your mind by highlighting its versatility, variety and virtues

Whipped Coffee Coconut Vegan Cheesecake with Cinnamon Crust

Try this vegan alternative to cheesecake using coconut cream and a nutty oat base

A little advice for a happy, healthy life

For those struggling to find their way out from a mountain of takeaway boxes and crisp wrappers, Food & Drink Editor Ellie Gibbs gives some basic tips for following a healthy lifestyle

Recipe: Hola Granola

Wouldn’t that be a great name for a Spanish granola/cereal company?! You saw it here first.

Curbing the no-carb: 5 healthy swaps for under £1

The idea of cutting carbohydrates to promote weight-loss is no stranger to the diet scene, but it definitely gets a bad rep due to the inevitable heavy regain as the price for its betrayal

Veg of the Week: The Humble Sweet Potato

Often in the shadow of their starchy distant relative the potato, sweet potatoes are just as cheap, versatile and delicious as the mighty jacketed staple food. At around 79p per kg at Lidl (that’s about 3 big ones), there is no excuse not to have a go at some of our tasty and cost cutting recipes. Don’t be put off by their coloured skin and mutated shapes; it’s what’s inside that counts. Equality for the potatoes!

Granary Bread Recipe

This recipe comes from my godmother Mary, who is a phenomenal cook. Going to her house is amazing – she measures her cookbooks by the yard (and apparently they’ve all been left to me in her will!), and she’s a brilliant source of cooking tips and interesting new flavour combinations. But it’s the basics that […]

My mother’s carrot & thyme soup

This delicious soup will save you from scurvy in Welcome Week