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7th March 2015

Curbing the no-carb: 5 healthy swaps for under £1

The idea of cutting carbohydrates to promote weight-loss is no stranger to the diet scene, but it definitely gets a bad rep due to the inevitable heavy regain as the price for its betrayal

Instead of going cold-turkey from the white stuff (bread, rice, pasta), why not wean yourself off it or simply cut down by making a few small changes to your existing diet? Incorporate these swaps into your meal plan at least three times a week and bask in the glory of your guiltless, bulkless satiety.


Sainsbury’s: 1 x (3 for £1.50) = 50p
ALDI: 1 x (3 for 89p) = 30p

Slice your courgette in half lengthways, then slide your knife across in half again—still lengthways. Cut the courgette into thin strands that somewhat/in no way resemble spaghetti. Bring a pan of water to the boil, add the courgette and cook or steam for 3 – 5 minutes, until tender. This is the healthiest way to cook as it involves no oil. Treat the courghetti as you would pasta—top with pesto, sprinkle with toasted seeds or simply drizzle with olive oil, crushed garlic, and black pepper.


Sainsbury’s: ½ x (1 for £1) = 50p
ALDI: ½ x (1 for 75p) = 38p

Halve cauliflower. Grate or finely chop one half (refrigerate the other for later flice meals), put into microwave-safe bowl. Sprinkle with a tiny bit of water, cover with clingfilm or one of those plastic things and microwave for 2 minutes. Serve as you would normal rice—with curry, grilled chicken, and vegetables—or bring to life as an individual dish by adding spices and chickpeas.


Sainsbury’s: 2 caps at (£1/250g) = 70p
ALDI: 2 caps at (89p/250g) = 50p

These amalgamations are getting tedious, I know. Gently rinse 2 large (portobello) mushroom heads under cold water, heat a frying pan with olive oil and a tsp of crushed garlic and fry the shrooms ‘til nicely browned. Use in place of burger buns or make a whole other tasty meal by crumbling feta on top and browning under the grill. Best served with hot and crispy fried halloumi, a tomato slice, gherkin, lettuce, and carb swap no.4.


Sainsbury’s: 2 small potatoes at (£1.20/kg) = 40p
ALDI: 2 small potatoes at (92p/kg) = 30p

Hmm, this might still be a carb but if we start cutting nutritious veg out of our life in the name of health then there is no hope for anyone. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, place a roasting tin with a drizzle of olive oil in there to heat whilst you slice around 2 small potatoes into wedges. Add the wedges to the hot pan along with spices—think rosemary, paprika, dash of cinnamon—and a restrained sprinkle of salt. Roast for 25 – 30 minutes until soft when prodded with a fork and looking irresistible. Skin on or off down to preference. I prefer on.


1/2 pack x (60p/400g) = 30p
ALDI don’t seem to stock these, but 60p at Sainsbury’s? Can’t argue.

When you come to make a stir fry, just add more beansprouts instead of noodles. That’s literally it. Be sure to add substantial amounts of protein (chicken, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter) and crunchy veg so that you’re sufficiently full up. The best thing? Half a pack is 100cals, so you can have oodles of boodles if you’re in the moodle.

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