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Elena Gibbs

Elena Gibbs

In possession of/possessed by the smoothie blender

The old Food & Drink Editor from ages past, Ellie Gibbs, sent me an article about blenders. It is brilliant.

The raw food reality

What happened when we logged the play-by-play of America’s most extreme diet

Alternative uses: Coconut oil

This wonder-fat has hit the nation by storm, appearing both in the kitchen and the bathroom cupboards. From fat burning to flavouring, moisturising to cleansing, is there anything this palm extract can’t do?

Live: Submotion Orchestra

The Leeds based seven piece return to Manchester’s dark cave-like venue to release their sound on an audience new and returning

TV Binge: Cuckoo

Cuckoo is an easy-watching experience with intermittent laughs and without fear of the implausible

Feeding the streets for a fiver

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs addresses the political power of food and the real difference it can make to lives, something we may take for granted when tucking into our luxury restaurant dinner courses

Operation Masturbation

Ellie Gibbs gives some soul soothing advice on how to cure writer’s block. But is she really talking about writing?

Cheese pie

Food Editor and local vegan Ellie Gibbs whips up this healthy version of a pub food classic

Treasure Trove

With Manchester’s most popular artisan bread stockist left unreviewed, Food Editor Ellie Gibbs rises to the opportunity

Champagne and Wholegrain

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs shows us how to make life worth getting up for

Each time I come back

“Earth café is the wasabi pea of NQ eateries. Green and innocent on the outside, and on the inside, a delve into an unknown dimension”

Christmas Poem

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through the Union, Creatures were stirring, at The Mancunion. Articles were written, published and subbed, Stress levels were rising, shoulders were rubbed. The elves set to work, loading the paper, Deciding how best, to divide the labour. Stitches were sewn, from cover to cover, In order to create, […]

The Pomegranate Soirée

Food Editor Elena Gibbs cooks up a vegetarian Ottolenghi-inspired middle eastern feast


Elena Gibbs spins a 4PLY yarn about the Northern Quarter’s hippest pizza joint

Cup North: Legal Highs

Ellie Gibbs reviews the two day Northern coffee party going on in Victoria Warehouse

Interview: Hotel Chocolat co-founder Angus Thirlwell

Ahead of Thursday’s talk to Manchester students on how he built his business, Hotel Chocolat co-founder Angus Thirlwell talks to Ellie Gibbs

Wake Me Up Before Your Kokoa

Fortunately for my daily chocolate intake (for the next year at least), Greenhouse now stock the award-winning brand of Kokoa Collection

Billie Marten

Ellie Gibbs profiles Billie Marten, a 16-year-old singer-songwriter with angelic tones and viscerally affecting music

The art of telling a story through tea

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs has the pleasure of attending Quinteassential’s exclusive tea tasting event at The Midland Hotel

Overnight wholemeal cranberry raisin seeded walnut boule

Inspired by M&S’s cranberry & toasted pecan baton, I aimed to produce something similar, but on a larger and more-affordable scale.