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Breaking down lad culture at university: a conversation with Good Lad Initiative

Breaking down lad culture at university: a conversation with Good Lad Initiative

Lad culture is intimidating, but the Good Lad Initiative creates a space to discuss the negative impacts and instead consider positive masculinity
Lecture to discuss sexual violence on campus

Lecture to discuss sexual violence on campus

Do Universities do enough to support victims of sexual violence? An upcoming free lecture hopes to answer just that

UCD uncovers revenge porn Facebook group

A Facebook group that consists of 200 Agricultural Science students who swap nude photos of girls, and stories of their one night stands has been exposed by a student newspaper

95 per cent of girls groped on nights out

95 per cent of female university students have reported sexual harassment on nights out in a survey by The Tab. This and other research has forced universities to take action to protect their students

Better sex education key to tackling sexual assaults, campaigners say

Campaigners call on government to reform sex education, claiming current system leaves many unprepared

Cambridge Master scolds student bullies for “sadistic initiation rites”

A University of Cambridge don has attacked “laddish” undergraduate students after the college’s Freshers week initiation ceremonies this past month

Piggate and the darker side to university initiations

Following the recent ‘Piggate’ allegations, Jack Howell reports on the prevailing and dangerous phenomenon of initiation ceremonies at UK universities

Inquiry into sexist “lad culture” at universities to be launched

Sajid Javid MP has ordered a crackdown on sexist behaviour on campus which has been described as a “pandemic”

The Myth of Masculinity

As the life of men changes throughout society, Harry Newton takes a look at the myth of masculinity

Idiotic Internet Trend of the Week: NekNomination

The latest internet super-craze “NekNomination” has swept the globe. Give it a rest, says Sophie Lipton

Oxford rugby players punished for “free pussy” social

Pembroke College rugby players barred from playing in the first round of the season

‘LAD’ culture: the truth

Dana examines the LAD culture which runs through university life