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Made in Chelsea Articles

Case study: The ostrich feather jacket

Deputy Fashion and Beauty Editor Talia Lee-Skudder reveals why the ostrich feather jacket should be the reason that you take out another loan

Top 5 Patriotic Ensembles

Scarlett Whittell takes us through some of the Union Jack’s best fashion moments.

The aristocrats are back

They’re posh, rich and kind of awkward – and we just can’t get enough. Rowena Cox-Willmott gives her verdict on the return of Made in Chelsea

To knot or not to knot?

Thinking of braving the top knot trend? Emmanuel Demuren gives us his opinion on the matter

Made in Chelsea: why so compelling, yah?

Like, literally, what is it that makes this show so popular?

‘Can we just be men for a sec?’: Made In Chelsea quote competition

We have three DVDs to give away!

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Thrifty: Outfit Recycling

Wearing the same outfit twice does not make you a bore, writes Chloe Letcher