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7th October 2013

To knot or not to knot?

Thinking of braving the top knot trend? Emmanuel Demuren gives us his opinion on the matter

Image: Instagram user ‘neojarvis’

If you’ve attended any festival, art gallery or been around pretty much anywhere on our glorious Island over the last couple of months you’ll definitely have encountered the “top knot” in some form, whether you’ve noticed or not. For those of you unsure of what I’m rambling on about, I’ll start by clarifying what I mean by a top knot. A top knot is a style which involves growing hair longer on the top, with the sides significantly shorter/shaved. The top is then tied into a knot. So there you have it (the name leaves little to the imagination, no marks for guessing I’m afraid). It’s a knot that goes on top of your head.

Images: Instagram users ‘rikkitheodosi’ and ‘braduk’

Now, independent ladies have been donning the top knot for years so what’s the big deal some of you might be inclined to ask? Well, boys have crashed the party and they’ve got no plans to leave anytime soon. The top knot is everywhere. Everyone brave enough to don the style tends to be slim, tall and bears at least some slight resemblance to Proudlock from Made in Chelsea. You know exactly what I’m talking about; the Shoreditch look.


Images: Instagram users ‘matthewmillions’ and ‘bobbyfiddaman’

So, what’s my verdict? Yeah, it’s alright I guess. As it goes, I like Proudlock, he’s pretty jokes. However, I will say that if you are donning the top knot, then you should be prepared for haters to hate… but that’s what they do right? If they don’t, Tumblr I’m suing you.

Image: Instagram user ‘marviiin89’

Yes, in some cases top knots are incredibly ambitious but so are a lot of fashion trends. Do your thing. One more comment on the big man himself… last one I promise; a little birdy tells me that he’s got a new barnet lined up for the upcoming series, care to hazard a guess?

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