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Manchester Debating Union Articles

How debating changed for the better during COVID

How debating changed for the better during COVID

The Manchester Debating Union highlights the positive aspects of virtual debating
In conversation with: the Manchester Debating Union

In conversation with: the Manchester Debating Union

Chloe Hatton sits down with Jacklin Kwan, president of the Manchester Debating Union, to talk about her time in the society

Students against fossil fuel divestment win debate

As part of JustFest 2016, the Manchester Debating Union asked the question: Should the University of Manchester divest from fossil fuels? Those anti the motion won the debate after a thought-provoking and, at times, heated debate

Students don’t regret Corbyn’s leadership

On Thursday evening, the Manchester Debating Union questioned the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. The House voted in favour of Corbyn

UKIP: A force for good in British politics?

The Manchester Debating Union discussed whether UKIP is a force for good in British politics, or if the party has become a dangerous source of political radicalism and scapegoating

Women are empowered by breaking the system

Manchester Debating Union concludes with an overwhelming majority that women are empowered by breaking the system, not succeeding within it

The Manchester Debating Union

This week the Manchester Debating Union will discuss the reintroduction of grammar schools in the UK

To wear or not to wear, that is the question

Last week, Manchester’s Debating Union posed the controversial and divisive question: should we wear the poppy?

The Big Idea: Hillel Steiner on Left-libertarianism

“When I started teaching, if students got a bad essay mark they apologised to the tutor. Today, when students get bad marks there’s a chance they will come to see the tutor with their lawyer in tow”.

University of Manchester professor Hillel Steiner is a world-renowned thinker on matters of political theory.

Features Editor Nick Renaud-Komiya met up with him to chew the fat on Libertarianism, politics and the state of higher education. Here’s how they got on.

Do you have the right to the fruits of your talents? This seems like a simple question. Yet, people have gone to war over this question; those who say ‘yes’ have fought those who say ‘no’. Libertarianism? Socialism? Communism? All of these ‘-isms’ are essentially attempts to answer this question in one way or another. Are you and you alone the arbiter of your lot in life? Or do you have a duty to help others and they you?