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Mental Health Articles

LSE accused of evicting a student with mental health difficulties

LSE faced questions as their Residential and Disability and Wellbeing Services were accused of ignoring the advice of NHS medical professionals and SU officers and of evicting a student with acute mental illness

Positive coping mechanisms may help UK academics deal with stress of the job

A study on UK university academics has revealed the need to teach staff how to deal with stress in a positive way

University of Buckingham brings in sniffer dogs to improve mental health

The University of Buckingham has recently invited sniffer dogs onto their campus as part of their “zero tolerance” drug policy

University of Westminster denies student exam deferral due to lack of “proof” of father’s death

After the University of Westminster rejected Saima Haq’s request for mitigating circumstances after the death of her father, The Mancunion looks into similar cases at the University of Manchester

NHS Foundation Trust “requires improvement”

In a continuing mental health inspection programme, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) concludes that the safety and leadership of the North West’s Five Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust is inadequate

Anxiety: The Unwanted Guest

Perisha Kudhail explores the issue of social anxiety that is becoming ever more prevalent in our student society

LGBT* people continue to face huge, hidden health problems

The LGBT* community is still experiencing a major health crisis, yet its extent remains relatively unknown and the NHS often fails to provide adequate care

Has fashion gone too far?

After repeated faux pas by fashion retailers regarding the perceived glamourisation of serious mental illnesses, Kassi Allcock asks why this keeps happening

Mental Health in the Music Industry: A Matter of Life and Death?

Like the chicken and the egg, the music and the misery continue their endless cycle. Alex Daniel thinks it’s time for change

Increasing number of stressed students

As pressure on students increases, the number of people seeking counselling for serious issues is rising

Can individual morality affect corporate approaches to sensitive issues?

Lauren Wills asks if we really have the power to make companies retract their tasteless comments, or if indeed we actually care if it’s not aimed at us

Waking up to ourselves

Corporations entrench societal privilege by making it okay to discriminate against people, they make it normal. When corporate giants such as Tesco and Asda put ‘mental health patient’ Halloween costumes on sale, what they’re really saying is that it’s okay to laugh at this particular issue. Whilst this is in the past and they retracted […]

Sympathising with domestic violence victims who attack their abusers

Wellbeing Week has brought to light domestic abuse and how we should approach it. Abbie Piazza explores cases where domestic violence victims attack their abusers and their impact.

Just six minutes a day can keep stress levels at bay

Manchester libraries have launched the ‘Just Six Minutes’ campaign following news from researchers at Mindlab International that reading just six minutes a day can significantly reduce stress levels

Inside Nightline

Volunteers for Manchester’s student-run listening service tell The Mancunion why they joined

Manchester professor’s son in helium gas suicide tragedy

Student’s suicide leads to questions raised with Home Secretary

‘Mental patient’ stigmas and Psycho-ward killers

With major brands Tesco, Asda and The Sun mired in controversy over their treatment of mental health issues, Lauren Wills asks why mental health patients are still treated as an anomally in society today

Suicide in young men: it’s time to talk

Q: What kills more young British men than road accidents, murder and HIV/AIDS combined? A: Suicide. Moya Crockett investigates.

Only in Hollywood does mental illness = superpower

It is an unfortunate result of living under American cultural hegemony that we are treated to an awful lot of shit television. Much of it is drivel, both drama and comedy, yet it clogs up the schedule each day. While making perfect hangover viewing that acts as a kind of valium to dull your aching […]