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mizzi Articles

Review: The Wharf

Make the most of the sunshine by taking a trip to Castlefield

Review: Double Zero “00” Neapolitan Pizza

“Blown away by the taste and memories my starter had invoked, I couldn’t help but notice our fellow diners’ pizzas, exactly what anyone would hope for from a Neapolitan style pizzeria”

Masterchef winner Simon Wood set to open his first restaurant in Manchester

Two top professionals have been recruited to head the team at WOOD

Review: Indique

Miriam’s back on Burton Road to find our whether Indique deserves is high spot on TripAdvisor’s ‘best restaurants in Manchester’ list

Review: The Pasta Factory

“If the pasta brings in its native makers, then surely it’ll be good enough for me”

Ricotta, pesto and spinach lasange

A vegetarian lasagne that rivals the Italian classic

Review: Rustik

“When our food finally arrived, we almost grabbed the plates out from the waitressed hands with hunger-induced anticipation.”

Leftover roast chicken and pea risotto

Miriam cooks risotto

Review: Proove

We had to try this new pizza restaurant in West Didsbury

Review: Evelyn’s

Miriam and Evelyn don’t get along

Sundays at Volta

The atmosphere of the restaurant encapsulated an idyllic destination for a lazy, food-filled Sunday