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8th May 2017

Review: Double Zero “00” Neapolitan Pizza

“Blown away by the taste and memories my starter had invoked, I couldn’t help but notice our fellow diners’ pizzas, exactly what anyone would hope for from a Neapolitan style pizzeria”

This spot in Chorlton is talked about for its classic Neapolitan pizzas, bring your own booze rule and cheap prices. All of those things add up to a pretty tempting restaurant, so I headed over on otherwise average Tuesday to see if I could be coaxed out of my mid-term blues.

Located in the centre of the foodie hub on Barlow Moor Road, Double Zero was seriously busy when we arrived. Luckily we had called ahead to book, so could bypass the crowd to be sat down at a small table by the large windows. The very rushed, but still friendly waitress brought us over some menus and glasses for our alcohol. We noted the atmosphere was fairly loud as there were a few large tables all indulging in the bring your own rule, however we didn’t mind too much. The menu is simply split into appetisers, classic pizzas, double zero’s favourite creations, and a create your own option. As we were quite hungry, we decided to try a starter each.

I ordered a fig crostini. When I ordered, I prayed it was similar to the delicious fig and cured meat sandwich I was lucky enough to experience in Umbria, Italy last summer. When it arrived, I couldn’t quite contain my excitement. The plate was beautifully presented with small bits of crusty bread piled high with brie, prosciutto, and topped with perfectly formed figs. I quickly took a bite and was met with the ideal combination of the creamy cheese, salty meat, and sweet figs. The portion was large but I wanted more and more.

My companion order the focaccia of the day – rosemary, which came with a tomato and basil dip. This focaccia wasn’t the normal thick, fluffy bread I envisage, but was thinner and crispier. However, it was full of flavour and a faultless starter.

Having been blown away by the taste and memories my starter had invoked, I couldn’t help but notice our fellow diners’ pizzas, exactly what anyone would hope for from a Neapolitan-style pizzeria.

Our pizzas were swiftly in front of us. We both opted to choose our own options, as who can deny their own taste buds? I chose to top mine with buffalo mozzarella, ham, and mushrooms. My companion chose bacon, chicken, and sundried tomatoes. We were pleased with the generous amount of ingredients that had been used and tucked in for as long as we possibly could.

We both sat back with a third of our pizza left and confessed we were full. Despite being embarrassed for having had eyes too big for our bellies, we were happy we could grab a box and take home our leftovers for the next day.

We got up to leave and agreed that we were glad we had finally tried Double Zero and it would easily be placed in the top pizzerias in our Manchester list.

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