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Depoliticise the poppy

Depoliticise the poppy

George Walker discusses the politics surrounding the poppy and suggests we need to reconsider and re-evaluate the true meaning of this symbol.

Political Football

In the wake of the debate over whether international footballers should display a poppy on their kit, maybe it is time to realise that, contrary to the well-worn adage, sport and politics should, and do, mix regularly

Can we all just remember why we’re here?

Adam Merrill reflects on the hypocrisy within the media surrounding Remembrance Sunday, and how sometimes, you do just have to laugh

Remembering and respecting our heroes on Remembrance Day

Lauren Wills reminds us why we should always give thanks for the sacrifices made by those before us, and why we should never forget that which was given so we could live as we do today

Poppy Memorial attracts millions of visitors – why?

Beth Slatcher-Greenwood reflects on the unprecedented popularity of a memorial commemorating one hundred years since the outbreak of World War I

To wear or not to wear, that is the question

Last week, Manchester’s Debating Union posed the controversial and divisive question: should we wear the poppy?

Should we still wear the poppy?

In the week of remembrance Shanda Moorghen and Nathan Khadaroo debate whether we should still wear the poppy…