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Short Term 12 follows a 20-something supervising staff member, Grace (Brie Larson), of a foster care facility as she navigates the troubled waters of that world alongside her co-worker and longtime boyfriend, Mason (John Gallagher Jr.). One thing that struck me was the unenviable task the staff had, treading the fine line between being a […]

Review: Dom Hemingway

Hard living safe cracker Dom Hemingway (Law) is set loose in London after a 12 year prison sentence. Pairing up with best friend Dickie (Grant), Dom seeks out financial reward for his loyalty to underworld boss Mr. Fontaine (Bichir).    ‘’Crazy night, last night. Dickie lost a glove and everything.’’ Jude Law spent a summer […]

Review: The Counsellor

I’d like to start this review by saying this: I really wanted to like this film. In fact, I wanted to love it. Unfortunately, The Counselor is just terrible. The film revolves around a lawyer (Michael Fassbender), inexplicably only known as “Counselor”, who involves himself in a drug deal with an extravagant drug dealer/nightclub owner […]