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UoM contestant becomes unlikely star of University Challenge

UoM contestant becomes unlikely star of University Challenge

The University of Manchester is through to the quarter-final of the BBC’s University Challenge after defeating Hertford College Oxford in the final 16

Student Action for Refugees

Yasmin Mannan gives an insight into the ways you can stand up for and help refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester and beyond

Stockport refugee project overwhelmed with volunteers

The local impact of the refugee crisis is uncertain when you consider this student-led volunteering project

Birth of ‘Tatooine’ star system witnessed by astronomers

Stunning images from a series of telescopes show enormous gas clouds in the process of developing into stars

John Williams: The man behind the music

Following his recent Oscar nod, we take a look at the film score maestro’s road to legendary status

Why I’ll be sleeping rough: STAR/Amnesty International’s Sleepout campaign

Sophie Guinard tells us her reasons for supporting this year’s STAR/Amnesty Sleepout campaign

Sleeping out with STAR and Amnesty International

Campaigners drew attention to the lack of basic living conditions for asylum seekers by sleeping out on the street