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Student loans to change: What’s actually happening?

Student loans to change: What’s actually happening?

Why is the financial burden being pushed higher and higher for graduates and how are recent changes to student loans only making things worse?
Research says graduates ‘struggling’ with debt beyond tuition fees

Research says graduates ‘struggling’ with debt beyond tuition fees

57% of the 25 to 35 years old’s surveyed were found to still be in debt beyond their government student loans, with things like overdrafts and credit cards from their time attending university

Survey shows student loan £250 too little to cover living costs

The Student Money Survey 2016 showed that most students feel university is not worth it, and revealed some extraordinary ways that students are earning money when times get tough

Government to crack down on loan repayments

New measures will be introduced to target student debtors who have left the UK

Retroactive student loan alteration “disgraceful,” says Martin Lewis

The founder of popular consumer finance blog has written an open letter to the Prime Minister in the hopes that the decision will be reversed

Chancellor scraps maintenance grants

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced today that students from households with less than £25000 income will be forced to borrow all of their maintenance financing in loans, replacing the current grant system

Government reforms will lead to even more unpaid student loans

By Autumn 2015, restrictions on the number of student entries into universities will be removed

Government sells £900 million of student loans for £160 million

Debt collection company buys up student loans

Student loans insufficient, claims NUS study

NUS states that student loans and grants are not enough to cover the cost of living.