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The Hateriarchy

Feminism is hardly bashful and the pervasive misandry is only serving to make men resentful, says author Swayne O’Pie


Men, especially young men, are bad people. We are constantly being told how crass, sexist and misogynist male behaviour is. But if this is true, what has made men behave like this? I suggest to you that it is the anti-male cultural milieu that feminism has created since the 1980s in all areas of society.

If the rhetoric routinely thrown at men were directed at any of our ‘minority’ victim groups—women, black people, ethnic minorities, gays—British society would be condemned for its prejudice, bigotry and even persecution.

We teach children to be kind to one another, to be thoughtful and caring to other people, and then when they reach a certain age, the feminism fairy comes along and sprinkles boys and all things male with poo dust. This poo dust is the patriarchal perspective, the ‘good women/bad men script’ to which all areas of society now conform—our culture, schools, universities, the legal system, the media and the political system. It is well documented that this patriarchal perspective is taught in our schools and universities.

For three decades there has been widespread misandry in Britain, a widespread contempt for men and masculinity. Men are belittled and ridiculed in sitcoms and advertisements. Feminist comediennes and celebrities have license to constantly rubbish men.

The incidence of suicide is four times greater for men than women.

Nine out of ten homeless and those living rough are men.

The men’s health forum has found that eight times more money is spent on women’s than on men’s health.

There is no screening for male cancers.

When it comes to education boys are failing compared to girls and in real terms, fewer men than women are now entering university.

There is no anonymity for men who have only been accused of rape—the innocent having their lives destroyed by unjustified publicity.

Male victims of domestic violence, 40 per cent of all victims, are ignored.

70000 divorced fathers every year, regardless of their capability to care and provide, have difficulty seeing their own children—half lose complete contact.

Financial maintenance settlements are swingeing and unjust. Four out of five divorces are petitioned for by the wife.

Do a gender-switch on the above; if these discriminations were experienced by women would they be tolerated? If they are wrong for women then they are also wrong for men and boys. Anti-male prejudice, the ‘good women/bad men script’, is entrenched in our individual and collective mindset and has created cultural and institutional bias against men and masculinity. One that is never questioned.

At the same time young men are seeing their female contemporaries enjoying preferential treatment in the form of shortlists, tokenism, quotas, and fast-tracking. Every university has a student’s women’s officer yet a men’s officer is not permitted; women at London Metropolitan University are given a £19000 inducement to study engineering, male students are not. With such special privileges and policy-favouritism it is hardly surprising that young men become resentful. There hasn’t been one piece of specifically male-friendly legislation in living memory.

Misandry, demonizing and dehumanising men has devalued men’s worth compared to that of a women. Both men and women fail to see misandry as a problem. This is because sexism has been defined exclusively in terms of misogyny.

Nobody has been looking for sexism against men; we are so conditioned that we are blind to the daily examples of it in media reporting, on radio and television, in news programmes, in our schools and universities, and throughout policy-making, and if we do happen to notice it we are silenced by the fear of being labelled politically incorrect.

I suggest that the cultural and institutional misandry that has been experienced by men has been a driving force behind much of Britain’s present social ills. If men are told over and over again that they are society’s ‘bad people’ they are likely to say, “so be it.”

Ignoring men’s issues will inevitably lead to resentment. Our governments should consider the danger of this self-fulfilling prophecy; the more badly behaved young men are, the louder the sisterhood bellows how awful masculinity is—an upward spiral of constant blaming, shaming and crass behaviour.

Psychologists tell us that if we treat people badly, with contempt and distain, then they will react in kind. Social order—including in our universities—is not in good condition right now. If boys and men continue to be disrespected, discriminated against, demonised, told, and shown that they have little value and worth, disposable as husbands as father and as people, then it might be understandable if they respond by treating society—including women—in the same manner. They who spawn a squall shall conjure a whirlwind.

The patriarchal perspective has encouraged society to treat men and boys badly, so we should not be surprised that they morph into muscle-bound weaklings who seek solace in the hyper-masculine rituals of violence and aggression in our universities, with an ugly undercurrent of homophobia and misogyny.

Feminism’s creation of a widespread and deep-rooted misandry is rebounding against ordinary women. We ought to be educating young men and women to question this perspective, to rise up against this mutually destructive feminist culture and encouraging them to engage in genuine equality and respect between the sexes.

Doris Lessing said, “men seem so cowed they can’t fight back, and it’s time they did.” Men are fighting back, but their misguided target is society and ordinary women—not the political and cultural movement that created this unacceptable view of men and masculinity in the first place.

By appeasing feminism, and the grinding and constant bias that its perspective promotes, Britain has encouraged a stroppy male slouch towards Gommorah.

Swayne O’Pie is the author of ‘Why Britain Hates Men – Exposing Feminism’ and is available for lectures and debates. E-mail him at

  • Ellie

    Unfortunately I don’t have the time to analyse and comment on the whole of this totally absurd article, but a few things have to be said: “There is no anonymity for men who have only been accused of rape—the innocent having their lives destroyed by unjustified publicity.” – Here you are implying that rape is not a serious crime by the use of “only”. It is very much a serious crime and should be taken very seriously. Of course someone accused of rape would be shown publicly, the same as someone who has been accused of murder or pedophilia as it is a crime that ruins the victim’s life.“Male victims of domestic violence, 40 per cent of all victims, are ignored.” – There is help out there for male victims, and women have campaigned for domestic violence to be taken more seriously. If you are a male activist instead of sitting back and whinging about women taking a stance and fighting for equality, how about you actively do something to help these men that are suffering? Feminism isn’t about making women more powerful and in no way does any feminist condone domestic violence. Feminists are fighting for EQUALITY and NOT a Gynocracy.
    “Do a gender-switch on the above; if these discriminations were experienced by women would they be tolerated? If they are wrong for women then they are also wrong for men and boys.” – That is what feminism is about, making things that are wrong or right for one sex the same for the other. Now let me throw some statistics about as you have done: “Approximately 85,000 women are raped on average in England and Wales every year”, “Over 400,000 women are sexually assaulted each year” – These women have their lives ruined by a criminal; they will always have that assault in their memory, so why should a CRIMINAL get anonymity? Two sexual assault experts reported on 120 of 1,882 men whose self-reported sexual acts met legal definitions of rape or attempted rape but whose actions went undetected by the criminal justice system and found the following: “76 or 63.3% were recidivists, and reported committing additional rapes, either against multiple victims or the same victim, averaging 5.8 rapes per person. (Lisak and Miller, 2002)”. The accused rapist not having anonymity could save other’s from being sexually assaulted as the accused or undetected appear to be likely to do it again. I understand you are talking about the accused and not convicted, but you imply that the majority of the accused are done so wrongly by stating “the innocent having their lives ruined” – yes some will be innocent but the majority are not, this is the same as any crime and not just to rape which (as I will remind you again) is a very serious crime.
    “Anti-male prejudice, the ‘good women/bad men script’, is entrenched in our individual and collective mindset and has created cultural and institutional bias against men and masculinity.” – Feminism is not about creating an anti-male prejudice. The idea of feminists trying to overthrow men or being man hating is an idea created to prevent people from being feminists (it might be useful for you to understand that a feminist is a person who believes in the economic, social and political equality of the sexes as you have clearly misunderstood that).

    • danzel

      You go girl

    • ftfy

      Just to point out the “only” was only accused not only rape.

    • Fi

      Your final statement ‘a feminist is a person who believes in the economic, social and political equality of the sexes’ is open to disagreement. I am in my fifties and have called myself a feminist most of my life – your statement is what I believe in. I am an equity feminist. Many other feminists think that simple gender equality in the law is simply not enough because of the power imbalance between men and women in an entrenched patriarchy. These feminists are very strong advocates of gender bias towards women in criminal and civil law etc with a view to correcting this power balance. It is a kind of affirmative action. Some feminists go one step further than this and think that because there has been or is a patriarchy that works against the interests of women, history shows that men are biologically driven to take power in this way and that any male power must be curtailed. It is a kind of biological determinism they believe in – similar to the type that used to be used against women to argue that they were not fit to have hard power.

      I am strongly against affirmative action because I think the rational egalitarian approach we inherited from the Enlightenment is still the cornerstone of everything that is good and just in our society. It is what allowed gender equality to succeed in the end and we abandon it at our peril. I have been told I am not a feminist any more but an egalitarian. I still hold on to the term a lot though because I feel a sense of ownership. Bit like a band that breaks up and fights over who gets to use the name!

    • Vasile Andrei

      you are defending this demented anti-male ideology but you’re wrong

      1. feminism is not about equality, equity feminism is the ONLY type of feminism that is for equality, all the rest are not
      you lack even the most basic knowledge about feminism
      today the mainstream feminism and the most popular one is the GENDER FEMINISM, that has its ideological roots in MARXISM and promotes the false FEMINIST THEORY that defines feminism as the FIGHT AGAINST THE INVISIBLE PATRIARCHY

      by not knowing this simple fact, all your arguments are totally void
      but let’s continue
      your lack of basic feminist knowledge is beyond words, you’re defending something you don’t even know to define

      so again, ONLY ONE PART OF THE FEMINISM is for equality
      and that part is not THE MAINSTREAM one, actually is under attack
      if you want to know more google “gender feminism vs equity feminism” and get educated

      2. each time it was an initiative for male support centers, THE FEMINISTS, your feminists, your so called “equality” feminists, BLOCK IT

      if you don’t know this is because, YOU HAVE NO IDEA about what the hell your feminists are doing

      for example, the feminist woman that CREATED THE FIRST WOMEN SHELTER ever, wanted to create a men shelter too… it was attacked by the feminists and forced to flee the country
      and if you don’t know this, again, like before, is because YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT YOUR HATE FILLED IDEOLOGY DOES, you only know their PROPAGANDA

      to help you open your eyes, google “Erin Pizzey” and see for yourself how the feminist movement turns against an egalitarian feminist woman in order to stop her from helping MEN VICTIMS

      3. you confuse convicted criminals with accused persons, is like with the abortion debate when feminist supporters confuse “reproduction rights” with “abortion”
      totally different terms that feminist ideologues like to interchange and their indoctrinated base is unaware of the black and white differences

      again, your arguments are void, as you want the CRIMINALS to get named, and no one say no to this
      but the issue is about the ACCUSED persons, that are NOT convicted in any way
      many of whom suffer and even die due to FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS

      again, the real victims of rape will not be helped if the FALSE victims of rape make another victim
      is stupid, is retarded, and has nothing to do with rape or with women’s rights
      by attacking a innocent person and abusing him/her you will not help or save a victim of a real abuser

      4. you seem to think that the false demented and male hating “invisible patriarchy” concept exist

      can you tell me why this “patriarchy” lets feminists have the entire narrative for the last 50 years without shutting them down, imprison them and get over with in less than 3 months?

      if the “invisible patriarchy” can make men and women “do things”, why does not make feminist ideologues STEM scientists instead?

      while the mighty invisible patriarchy affects and hurts all men, how come none of them complain, while plenty of feminist do in their name?

      if the patriarchy existed, and is so powerful and invisible, what makes you believe that feminism is not actually created by it in order to control women and their choices even more?

      I stop here, just remember that inventing an all powerful invisible thing to justify your hate was done before and with the same demented and sick results…

      reality proves that patriarchy concept is false, same as with all other feminist lies and falsehoods that are invented and created to support their male hating agenda.

  • K Rem

    oh dear.

  • Polly

    Your suggestion that feminism is the discrimination and “belittling” of men as a group is immature, wrong and totally laughable. Feminism is not “man-hating”, but simply the campaign for things that men already have. Women as a group have to deal with sexual harassment, inequalities in sporting status, a lack of childcare facilities and a lack of women in senior positions every single day, at every level; yet your article neglects to discuss even one of these issues. 9 out of 10 women feel terror when walking alone at night. Shockingly, women on average earn 15% less than their male equivalent and over 200 women in the UK are raped every day. Feminism is essential to redress this balance – without it these issues would be seen as acceptable. It is fundamental to raise the profile of matters of particular concern to women, to ensure that women’s perspectives and voices are heard in order to campaign for change.

    This article, that suggests women should not fight for equal opportunities to save men feeling ‘ridiculed’ is sexist and totally insensitive. You imply that women should accept lower pay and the threat of sexual harassment is totally repulsive yet suggest that male victims of domestic abuse need an increasing amount of support demonstrates your clear double standards; you don’t expect to be abused so why should we? If men like you didn’t write such vile articles, women wouldn’t have anything to ‘hate’. We will never achieve gender equality unless men like you change their behaviour. I think you should apologise for such crass statements and really… Find yourself some common sense.

    • Jimmy

      This article seems to be getting a lot of criticism directed at it and whilst it may be slightly over zealous in parts, it does point to some areas in which men are negatively impacted by society. First, feminism is not “a campaign for things that men already have”, one of notions which the article is addressing is that feminism, and our collective cultural mindset, has been infected by a misandry which has moved the movement away from being beneficial for both sexes to being something which women seem to categorically support because they believe it is attempting to level their playing field. In fact, feminism has a history of benefiting men and women, many feminist projects have attempted to draw attention to the unrealistic perceptions of masculinity fed to boys, overturned specific laws such as the Oklahoma drinking age being 21 and 18 for men and women respectively and encourages the FBI to change the rape definition to include men.

      Unfortunately, in this incarnation of feminism, the movement seems to have forgotten all this and be very aggressive in the conduct of its mandate. The article raises some very real points that men have to deal with but these are all swept under the carpet because the gender imbalance is perceived as so much greater of the female side. I’m not denying it isn’t – but ask yourself why a movement that on paper most people would support has garnered so much negative attention and vitriol? It’s not because men are against women’s right – it’s because men, as the article says, are sick of being told they are the bad guys in the situation, and as the article says, this will eventually reach a boiling part of anger and frustration. The issues you mention are real, but a lack of women in senior positions is similar to the boss giving his best mate the position over you regardless of gender. Rape is abhorrent, we can all agree, but feminism is not content in only addressing these matters, the articles argues it treats ‘women’ as a class (which it is not) and men as the enemies of this class.

      Women should not accept lower pay or sexual harassment, but likewise men should not accept child custody almost exclusively being granted to the mother despite being the fitter carer, having no choice in whether an abortion takes place or be expected to universally conform to an impossible expectation of masculinity. The article is crass in places but if you read it not as a criticism of feminism, but a criticism of a movement which has victimised all ‘women’ and placed them antagonistically against all ‘men’, you may see some truth in its arguments. Feminism claims to be about equality but by not doing so it only encourages disharmony between the genders, it pretends to want equality in a capitalist society that is inherently unequal (for everyone regardless of gender). The article mentioned the, “destructive feminist culture”, which I feel is a better way of encompassing the central argument, it is not the movement that is the problem, it is us (all women) vs you (the patriarchy) that is the problem.

      Feminism rightly calls for an end to pejorative terms like “stop being a woman”, because they naturally encourage the association of a female with being weak. However, the movement has become so vocal and in places so hateful that, as the article says, men no longer feel comfortable being complicit in a movement that has invented terms like “male privilege” and connoted them with horrible, oppressive notions that are applied to all males. I agree, “you don’t expect to be abused, so why should we?”

  • Jake

    As a man, and as a feminist, your article offends me. Feminism is less about hatred of men, and more about empowering women, hopefully educating men along the way. To try to say that men are being marginalised is ridiculous, you need to recognise your prejudice.

  • Vasile Andrei

    and the naive feminists supporters that they never attend a single real feminist movement try to defend this male hating ideology

    there is nothing to defend
    the dictionary definition is void of facts
    if you’re using it as a defense then you must also use the same definition when it comes to other failed hateful ideologies like feminism:

    we can all try to defend Nazism and say that it is only “National Socialism”, what can be wrong with an ideology that promotes welfare state and the love for one’s own country?

    the same fake and false dictionary definition is used when defending the most hate filled gender ideology in existence in the west – feminism

    while many of you only know feminism from the nice (and totally false) definitions, in reality its hate filled roots can be observed each and every day
    from the family courts to the education system, everything feminism touches turns into a total male hating system

    in the name of “helping women” it only works to destroy men and help SOME WOMEN

    there is no help for working women, there is no help for women of color, there is no help for unborn women, there is no help for right wing women, there is no help for all the other 93% of women that don’t identify with this hate filled sexist ideology

    the only women that get “help” (actually they are paying for this help dearly, and they will pay as long as they are willing to subject themselves to this demented hate filled sexist ideology of feminism) are the mid-upper class college educated girls

    they get a push trough life, not because they deserve it, or needed, but because feminists need their endorsement and their PARENT’S money!

    yes, many of them are tools for these savage ideologues that use them in full
    their indoctrination programs are nothing short of mental abuse
    their constant lies, falsehoods and misinterpretation makes them tools for their ideologue masters

    just like any other hate cults they invent things out of the air
    “patriarchy”… what is it?
    “patriarchy is INVISIBLE”…
    are you insane?

    an “invisible system created BY MEN to oppress women”, that is EVERYWHERE
    there are sick demented cults far less demented that feminism
    to actually indoctrinate people into believing that MEN are part of an INVISIBLE system is INSANE!!

    but hey, feminism is insane, and “patriarchy” is just the tip of the insanity

    if you ask a feminism:
    tell me a single example of patriarchy in action… A SINGLE DAMN EXAMPLE
    they will come with all the other lies…
    because feminists create lies to support their biggest lie…

    “gender wage gap” – false and debunked, feminist male hating lie using a real MEDIAN EARNINGS GAP and turning it into a FALSE WAGE GAP
    “pink tax” – false and debunked, feminist male hating lie using the real price difference between different products with different compositions and turning it into a FALSE comparison
    “war on women reproduction choice” – false, actually is common sense versus abortionists, and they should not call it “choice” as the baby has NO CHOICE but to DIE… and the father HAS NO CHOICE but to accept the killing of his own children, and even the woman has few choices as she is completely indoctrinated by this cult

    not to mention that women already have over 16 types of CHOICES for contraception, while men have only 4 and 2 of them are PERMANENT STERILIZATION
    yeah…. how many other CHOICES one needs before chooses to kill another human?
    but again… false narrative
    there are PLENTY OF PRO LIFE WOMEN that are against abortion, this is not a gendered issue, is a moral issue

    each time feminists open their mouths they spread HATE against men and boys and invent new and new false “oppression” in order to promote their male hating agenda

    and if you tell people to look at their ACTIONS, they will point to their DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS
    like the good zombies they are, they cannot justify this hate filled ideology and they resort to their indoctrination and divert the topic towards the false dictionary definition