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Widening pay gap exposed at the University of Manchester

Widening pay gap exposed at the University of Manchester

A report released by the University of Manchester reveals the ethnicity pay gap has widened, but the university insists that equal pay is given for work of equal value.
Run and talk: Tackling mental health through exercise

Run and talk: Tackling mental health through exercise

Ellie Martin chats to the President of the Run Wild society about the beneficial links between running and mental health
Live Review: Post Malone

Live Review: Post Malone

Contributor Jack Greeney reviews Post Malone’s highly anticipated the arena performance, but were even the greatest fans underwhelmed?

Men must listen to feminists

In the wake of the recent Reclaim the Night protest, David Moseley illustrates a role for men in feminist movements

Do not use ‘girl code’ to destruct ‘girl power’

Sarah Jane Thoms talks about the creation of girl code, and how it should be used to empower women not bring them down

University cut Counselling course which “doesn’t bring in enough money”

Students express serious concern after the closure of a course that provides a large amount of voluntary mental health care to the city

Cross-cultural couture

Join internationally ignored superstar, Kyle Zabawa, on a journey into global influences on British menswear in 2015

Domestic Abuse: A double standard

Everybody knows that physical violence is wrong, so why are men hit so much harder when being charged with domestic abuse?

Sluts, bitches, and the LGBT+ community

Have slurs become degendered in the LGBT+ community? Is it still marginalising women? Can we even answer these questions at all?

French Men: Dispelling the Myth

Think every French Man is a baguette toting connoisseur of amour? Think again, says Molly Allen.

The role of men in feminism

Men need to contribute to feminism too argues Deepanshi.

The Hateriarchy

Feminism is hardly bashful and the pervasive misandry is only serving to make men resentful, says author Swayne O’Pie

Men’s makeup: eMANcipation?

Anna Sopel gives us her opinion on men’s makeup.

Suicide in young men: it’s time to talk

Q: What kills more young British men than road accidents, murder and HIV/AIDS combined? A: Suicide. Moya Crockett investigates.

Live: Steps @ MEN Arena

There are certainly much worse ways to spend a Thursday night in Manchester.

Live: Katy Perry @ MEN Arena

15,000 fans pack out MEN for the epitome of a perfect pop performance.