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Update: Yiannopoulos also banned from censorship event

After barring Julie Bindel from a debate on censorship planned for mid-October, the Students’ Union have now told Milo Yiannopoulos that he is also prohibited from attending

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Following the decision to prohibit Julie Bindel from speaking at an event hosted by the University of Manchester Free Speech and Secular Society, the Students’ Union Executive Team have now moved to ban men’s rights activist Milo Yiannapoulos, who was originally scheduled to debate alongside her.

Bindel and Yiannapoulos were both booked to speak at a debate entitled “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?” to take place on the 15th of October.

In their initial statement the Students’ Union Executive Team rejected Bindel on the grounds that her appearance would be “potentially in breach of [the] safe space policy.”

Yiannopoulos was, however, initially permitted to attend, albeit under the conditions the event had increased security levels and was ticketed.

In a comment on the Manchester Students’ Union Facebook page to this original decision Yiannopoulos wrote, “I’m astonished that I wasn’t outright banned as well. I’ll have to up my game!”

Women’s Officer Jess Lishak posted an extended explanation in a blog post—since removed due to developments in this situation—to her official Facebook page. In this she described Bindel as a “famous transphobe,” and Yiannopoulos as a “professional misogynist.”

Since this, however, the Union has said that they have been made aware of new information and evidence regarding Yiannopoulos and have amended their original statement after seeking legal advice.

In an update to their original announcement, the Union stated: “Further to our previous decision to ban Julie Bindel from speaking on campus, we are extending this decision to Milo Yiannopoulos.

“We have been made aware of various comments lambasting rape survivors and trans* people, and as such we are concerned for the safety of our students on the topic of this event. He is a rape apologist and has repeatedly used derogatory and debasing ableist language when describing members of the trans* community.

“This undermines the principles of liberation enshrined in the Students’ Union, as outlined in the Safe Space policy. We believe these views could incite hatred against both trans* people and women who have experienced sexual violence. As we believe it is probable these views would be aired in this discussion should he be allowed to speak on campus, we have no choice but to ban him.

“As we made clear to the society, this means that this event with the proposed speakers will not be going ahead under the banner of the Students’ Union, with our support or using our resources.”

Yiannopoulos posted an article to his own blog last year titled “Transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder: Its sufferers need therapy, not surgery”.

Responding to the news, Yiannapoulos told The Mancunion: “I’m a provocateur and it’s always going to be easy for uptight, censorious types to misrepresent my tweets, jokes and column-writing as ‘hateful.’

“And I know how badly I get under the skin of authoritarian finger-waggers, so I’m not surprised to have been banned. But I’m shocked that Julie Bindel is still getting this eleven years after a column she has apologised for many times.

“I make no apologies for questioning bullshit rape statistics and setting out my views on better treatment pathways for transgender patients. That I do so in strong and occasionally waspish language is irrelevant.

“Indeed, the whole point of the debate was to consider whether feminism has a problem with unfettered speech. I think now we know.”

The Free Speech and Secular Society posted an official statement to its blog on Thursday, stating: “First, the University of Manchester Student’s Union banned Julie Bindel for views she has expressed on trans people in the past. After ourselves and numerous other students pointed out the inconsistency, the SU announce that they are also banning Milo Yiannopoulos.

“We object to this illiberal banning of both Julie Bindel and Milo Yiannopoulos. We do not endorse the views of either of the speakers but merely wish to hear them speak and challenge them on what they say. While both speakers have said things one might disagree with, they do not incite to violence and do not pose a danger to students.

“We reject the ban of Milo Yiannopoulos on the following grounds:

“1) He has notoriously questioned the efficacy of surgical gender reassignment therapy. As much as this view may be considered offensive or dangerous by some, it is in no way “hate speech” or advocacy of violence.

“2) He rejects the epithet of “rape apologist”. At no point in his literature he has justified such action.

“3) People who find his views questionable could reasonably avoid hearing them. Under the restrictions imposed by the SU, it would, in fact, be much harder to listen to him than to avoid to listen to him.

Julie Bindel also tweeted, directly to the Union: “I am going to fight you in this. You are the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Talks are ongoing between the Executive and the Free Speech and Secular Society about this situation.


The University of Manchester LGBTQ+ Society have fully back the Union’s decision. “We understand the importance of free speech and debate within a university. The main concern, however, was the welfare of transgender students, given that both Yiannopoulos and Bindel had written extremely dehumanising statements about transgender people (particularly trans women).

“Upon asking transgender members of our society what their view was, we received overwhelming support for the Students’ Union’s decision not to use university resources or premises to invite people who had made such statements. We have spoken to the chair of the Free Speech and Secular Society about issues regarding the effects of transphobia on trans students, and we feel that he has been made aware how these views can lead to, for example, higher suicide rates for transgender people.

“According to a survey by Pace, a LGBTQ+ mental health charity, 48 per cent of trans people in the UK under the age of 26 have attempted suicide, a figure exacerbated by high rates of harassment. We feel that the welfare of transgender students is a top priority for the society given these statistics, and hope that we are able to ensure a safe environment.”

  • JennyS

    The general consensus is that, when you are in a hole and everybody is laughing at you, you should stop digging.

    • QuothTheRaven

      And yet Milo keeps on digging.

      • Bob

        Feminism playbook #38 – Deflect, deflect, deflect!

      • Rödgrön

        Eh, at least Milo doesn’t start a debate about censorship and then bans people from it because they have bad opinions. Self-awareness is really at level zero.

  • Adolfo Dias

    Just close that Student’s Union or at least fire everyone in charge. This is pathetic.

    • Zach Cooper

      Lol if Julie’s doing what she says then some heads will definitely roll. They did a lot wrong and got their university put in the public eye in a bad way. That’s about the least fun thing that can happen to a university.

    • StallChaser

      B-b-but that would violate their free speech!

    • JingFei

      But that would hurt their feelings and make them feel “unsafe”.

  • Anglerfish

    “Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?”
    – So… yes?

    • robertsonjames

      The concept of a “safe space” in which people are going to be protected from hearing anything that might shake their beliefs, pressure them to re-think their basic assumptions or even, perish the thought, make them feel uncomfortable, is an abomination in a free society.

      But in a university it is also a repudiation of such an institution’s very reason for being: a university is meant to be in the mind-opening business, not mind-closing. Frankly, if it isn’t prepared to do this, indeed actively connives at the opposite, then it forfeits the right to be taken seriously as a credible place of learning.

      • Poeticlargess

        I’d call them fascists but when has a fascist every claimed to provide safety at the cost a some of our freedoms?

        • not important

          That’s the beauty of it: fascists give you safety at the expense of foreigner’s freedoms. So it’s a win/win.

        • Jim Milo

          Just don’t call them #fascistfeminists though…

      • Frank

        Safe spaces can exist in a free society. It’s called your home. I’d suggest most students find themselves a very nice one, as they are clearly going to be spending a very , very long time inside it.

      • mzk1_1

        We need separation of academia (and the arts) and state. We need to stop polluting academia and the arts with state money.

      • Mistinguette Collette GRANDISO

        Having different views on issues and rethinking your beliefs is one thing. Normalizing hate and bigotry under the guise of “free speech” is another. There’s nothing beneficial to society by treating the humanity of others as a topic up for debate. The only thing you do is allow for the human rights of marginalized groups to go unprotected because they are up for debate.

    • Macavity

      You don’t say…?

    • susannunes

      Transgenderism is anti-feminist by definition.

      • Live the dream

        Err look you can’t just say anything bad is inherently not feminism. Feminism is a broad church it entails many philosophies and perspectives. Some of those perspectives are bat shit insane. There are always insane people in any movement or group. Pretending that feminism is perfect makes you look suspicious.

        • MungeParty

          At least now we’re admitting it’s a church.

      • For life’s sake

        Can you please explane how it’s anti-feminist. A lot of trans people are feminist and support the feminist ideas of equality and getting rid of gender roles.

        • DrEvil007

          Getting rid of gender (roles) is anti woman and anti-,man. Men and women are different no matter how much some, a tiny, loud obnoxious minority, wish to believe differently.

  • Arnold F Williams

    No one is accusing the University of Manchester of teaching its students to listen, engage, or argue with propositions that might come their way. That would be teaching them to be independent of those who feed them opinions.

  • This is absolutely hilarious.

    Banning people from attending a debate on censorship. My sides, I can’t take it, it’s priceless. You leftist loonies just make it up as you go along. If it feels right, it must be right! Thanks for a good chuckle.

    • ckanderson

      Right having their hyper conservatives, left having hyper liberals. Even leftists think these people are batshit crazy.

      • Cole Pram

        As someone that stands firmly on the left, I’ll confirm this.

        • Madfoot712

          I only ever see leftists defend it. “It’s the free market!”, they cry. Quite hypocritical, since they have no problem with “anti-discrimination laws”.

          • you——————the point

            Er no. Discrimination in economics terms is a ‘barrier to entry’ into the market. Without them the market would be an oligarchy. Even the free market needs legislation.

            • Madfoot712

              How is it a barrier to entry to not make a cake?

        • mzk1_1

          What are you going to do about it?

          • Cole Pram

            The only way forward is through discussion and debate, facts and reason,
            logic and understanding. Not insults, shaming, twitter mobs and
            gender/race/sexuality specific laws that target groups to shut them

            And who’s better to tell them this than one of their own.

            I’m going to stand firmly on the left and tell authoritarians they’re wrong. I don’t disagree with their social ideals, I do disagree with how they’re trying to censor people that don’t support shutting discussion down. I also disagree with how it seems “right-wing” and “conservative” have become insults used to dismiss someone’s well reasoned argument. So I’ll tell them that’s not acceptable and point out how stupid it is to dismiss someone purely because they don’t agree with their political leanings.

            Would you have me do something else?

      • steve ohhh

        I hope that’s true.

      • he_who_scoffs_at_danger

        I don’t doubt that’s true for many, but this ‘batshit crazy’ faction is clearly in charge of university culture. Not just at UoM in this instance, but as a permanent authority on every campus.

        If leftists as a group tend to regard this all as nonsense, why is not limited to a handful of cranks? Why is it instead the prevailing doctrine?

      • mzk1_1

        And they support them.

      • 3R45U5

        how is that even remotely liberal? it is anything BUT that. it is leftist authoritarianism that is producing this school of thought.

    • Sal

      I’ve lived my entire life on a leftist country and I can guarantee we hate those people more than you do.

      Hell, I think Marx would hate them to death too. They’re basically bourgeois females trying to speak for the common man, or that’s at least what I think Marx would define them as.

      • mzk1_1

        So why do you fund them? You think conservatives would get away with this?

        • Sal

          Fund? I’d rather go homeless over giving those people one cent of my pocket…

  • Maniate

    “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?”

    Umm.. yes. Definitely yes.

    • not important

      That comment just raped me.

      • Joshua Groenke

        But did you enjoy it or put up a fight?

        • not important

          I enjoyed it at the time but regretted it the next morning.

      • LC

        This is unfunny, unnecessary and unhelpful. If censorship has become so widespread in feminist circles, it’s also because of trolls like you. We’re trying to have a civilised debate from which people could learn something, not just provoke. If you could make us the favour of taking this horrible comment down, it would be better for everyone.

        – FSS

        • overmage

          are you… saying he should be censored because you don’t like his comment?

          news flash: free speech exists to protect the right to say things that you don’t like. you are advocating ccensorship to counter feminist censorship. you must be a moron

          • LC

            I’m the person who organised the event and who’s taking risks and liabilities personally. I’m the person who started the petition and built up the case for Milo and Julie.
            I’m just saying that we’re going through hell to get this event approved and rape jokes don’t help. Not censoring anyone, just calling for decency.

            • bryoneill11

              WHAT THE FUCK IS DECENCY YOU MOTHERFUCKER??? SJW are the most indecent repugnant disgusting people out there hiding under the banner of decency and inclusivity. Well guess what? We lived this shit in the dark ages and we said NO MORE!!! Reason, Logic and Common Sense is the new metric. NOT subjective shit. Safe Spaces? Trigger Warning? This is a goddamn church? NO, No more Censorship, No more silencing, No more banning, No more guilt by association, No more guilty until proven innocent. We fought with blood against governments, dictators religions, corporations just to get those rights. Freedom of Speech and Creative Freedom are not for sale. STOP being a pussy and contribute something to this society, not fuck it up. No more Gender studies indoctrination on kids and College students. Universities SHOULD be the bastion of the exchange of ideas. Stop this Social Justice Warriors Madness Now!!! Is not calling for decency, its called fascism.

        • MungeParty

          “If only you’d do a better job of censoring yourselves, we wouldn’t have to. Please do so now.”

          Is this meant to be ironic or are you really that ignorant?

          • LC

            @mungeparty:disqus I’m the person who organised the event and who’s taking risks and liabilities personally. I’m the person who started the petition and built up the case for Milo and Julie.
            I’m just saying that we’re going through hell to get this event approved and rape jokes don’t help. Not censoring anyone, just calling for decency.

            • Maniate

              You can’t blame us for your decision to humor the humorless.

            • mzk1_1

              Thank you for your courage.

              But it isn’t a rape joke; it’s a satire of people who misuse the term.

          • LC

            I’m saying this again: I’m the person who organised the event, who made the appeal, who created the petition and who’s willing to take lots of shit from the SU to make the event happen.
            It makes me angry that whilst I’m skipping classes, making calls, talking to societies, getting signatures and seriously risking disciplinary sanction or reputational damage, trolls making rape jokes online make us look like we endorse such views. Our message should be: we’re not the bullies, they’re the bullies.

            • bryoneill11

              PEOPLE LOOK at this idiot!!! No wonder universities are so fucked up. This moron is the organizer of a FREE SPEECH DEBATE and look at his/her comments. Irony at its finest. SJW are worse than religion. They are a fucking CULT!

            • mzk1_1

              Perhaps it’s a cultural difference? In the US there are various quotes from academia where people are calling things rape that are not. I believe the commenter was satirizing this trend, not making light of criminal actions.

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          You could have saved yourself time by simply typing: “You hurt my feelings, and I want to ban you from talking.”

          Seems to me that today’s youth and the authoritarian left have a problem with speech they don’t like. No wonder comics won’t even go on college or university campuses anymore.

          • LC

            @ElillaShadowheart:disqus I’m the person who organised the event and who’s taking risks and liabilities personally. I’m the person who started the petition and built up the case for Milo and Julie. I’m just saying that we’re going through hell to get this event approved and rape jokes don’t help. Not censoring anyone, just calling for decency.

            • Elilla Shadowheart

              I can think of a dozen people I wouldn’t want to sit down and talk with, that doesn’t mean I don’t support having their speech blocked or even their arguments or speeches blocked. If you were actually serious, you’d be able to offer justifiable criticism on their statements, speech or arguments that they’re going to present.

              You haven’t done that. What you’ve done is silence someone because you don’t like their sense of humor, or what they say on the fourth largest cesspool on the internet(twitter). The other three are chans, facebook, and youtube comments in that order.

            • LC

              We’re trying to prove we can have a robust and free debate without being gratuitously offensive. This is not helpful, and frankly disgusting. He has every right to make these jokes, but it’s a very very very very stupid thing to do, especially in this context. Just signalling that – not silencing anyone.

            • MungeParty

              The joke wasn’t about rape though, was it? As far as I can tell, it wasn’t so much a joke about any kind of physical act as it was a joke mocking people who invoke the idea of rape to silence people by conflating speech with assault, exactly like the recently revoked UN cyberviolence trainwreck. If a joke mocking common feminist censorship tactics further endangers the event, doesn’t that just further prove the event isn’t necessary to answer the question of whether feminism has a censorship problem? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to watch the debate, but that wasn’t a rape joke, it was an “invoke rape to shut people up” joke, which is highly topical.

            • Jonas

              >We’re trying to prove we can have a robust and free debate without being gratuitously offensive.

              Well, there’s your problem. My very *existence* is deeply offensive to some. My ideas, my views, my beliefs, these are also deeply offensive to some. You can’t have a free debate without offending people. Debating and not offending are mutually exclusive, because *offense is taken, not given*.

              That being said, what does the debate have to do with someone on the internet mocking the feminist censorship rallying cry? That you believe someone on the internet making a funny that you disapprove of is a potential problem invalidates your entire debate by immediately answering the question: Yes, it has a *serious* problem with free speech.

            • Elilla Shadowheart

              Sorry there, you can not have a robust and free debate without including offensive material. Do you know why? Because opinions and facts that are contrary to your opinion, may very well be offensive. That you advocate the blocking of speech you disagree wish is almost chilling, then again the fact that the press release from the SU goes against their own CoC and charter is also telling.

              And no it’s not a stupid thing to do, it’s the right thing to do when dealing with people who advocate censorship. Then again, you’ve done a fine job proving his point. Does feminism have a problem with free speech? Everyone can now look and say: “Yes.” You’ve already lost that battle.

              Almost 20 years ago when I went to university, you could say that universities were the bastion and core of free speech, unrestricted speech, and offensive things that the average person wouldn’t agree with. Now, I can’t say that. Now I can say that universities are at the centre advocating censorship, and shutting down debate.

        • Craig smith

          Big Sister is Reading you…

          • LC

            @disqus_X0jTqoRs4m:disqus I’m the person who organised the event and who’s taking risks and liabilities personally. I’m the person who started the petition and built up the case for Milo and Julie.
            I’m just saying that we’re going through hell to get this event approved and rape jokes don’t help. Not censoring anyone, just calling for decency.

        • Bob
        • John Bragg

          People respect what you have done and are trying to do, but I cannot agree with you here.
          The comment takes the bastards at their word–that speech is assault, that opposing views are traumatizing events. “Not important”s followup comment was in the same vein, referencing the issue of false rape accusations on American campuses, promoted and enabled by campus rape advocates.

          I am sorry that the bastards over there are going to destroy you.

        • Maniate

          No, that was actually pretty funny.

  • PleaseKillMe

    Men’s Rights Activist? You guy’s should learn more about Milo before describing him the way typical media slouches do.

  • Marshal

    We believe these views could incite hatred against both trans* people and women who have experienced sexual violence.

    Pretending unicorns exist will only seem compelling as long as listeners don’t have the real world experience to understand it’s ridiculous.

    • Note to self: Inform Manchester of the concept of “observable reality.”

    • Sal

      So an alcoholic in treatment should yell at bars to stop selling drinks?

      I don’t get this logic. They assume everyone has PTSD.

  • Just Me

    “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?”

    I believe we now have the answer to that question.

  • Ricardo Suarez

    “censorship event” indeed.

    Further proof that universities are where free speech is least welcomed in 2015.

  • Reasonable_Democrat

    “Yiannopoulos has been approached for comment since the announcement but is yet to respond.” How did you try and reach him? The dude replies to EVERYTHING! ;)

  • John Cobalt

    Correction: Milo is not a MRA, he does not advocate for male rights.

    • Ricardo Suarez

      +1 Milo never claimed to be a men’s rights activist.

      Brush up on your research Jenny and Charlie.

  • LanceSmith

    Bahahhahha…..what a way to clearly and bluntly answer the underlying question: “Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?”

    And to add insult to injury, it was even going to be hosted by the University of Manchester FREE SPEECH and Secular Society!

    Pure entertainment. These sorts of moves make me weep for the next generation (oh do I sound like my parents now!)…. Apparently this next generation is composed of a population of cry babies!

    • LC

      The Free Speech and Secular society is fighting hard to hold this event in spite of the ban.

      • Keirnoth

        As members of the FSS, you should be fighting to *bring these people in despite what the Student Union thinks*. Remember the saying “I do not agree with what you have to say but II’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”?

        I’m an actual liberal here telling you this – if you are what you claim you are, fight this. I see you guys made articles about these types of issues, so I know I’m just stating the obvious.

        And good luck if you do.

      • LanceSmith

        Excellent! Good luck and keep up the good fight! On no uncertain terms, you are in the right in this argument. Free speech can not be curtailed for ideology. To allow this stuff now is like going back in time to a period when the church was able to silence heretics.

        Further, the science clearly shows that overzealous policing of speech for the purposes of “microagressions”, “trigger warnings”, “safe spaces”, (and all of the other nonesense the Regressive Left is coming up with to silence critics) is most likely counter productive and actually does more harm than good. You’ve probably seen the following article. I’ve seen Greg (one of the authors) speak on a recent NPR conference (see #AT10 on Twitter) and he does a great job and has studied the problem extensively in the US.

  • LC

    The free speech and secular society has not been approached, to my knowledge.
    You’re most welcome to get in touch.

    – The President of the Free Speech and Secular Society

  • Meittimies

    So they just basically handed the victory of the debate for those who were against feminists censoring free speech. And all of that even before the debate started. Good going Manchester University, I’m sure your graduates will survive in the real world once they realise it doesnt have safe spaces with coloring books.

    • bryoneill11

      EXACTLY, They won already!!! Its a Censoring Event

  • You people are beyond parody

  • ThePar

    Milo: Next time title your speech “The Importance of My Little Pony in Eliminating Gender Disparity.”
    Then get on stage and rant about the 9 out of 10 rape myth.

  • m0r1arty

    Manchester Uni, progressively proving how low humanity can go whilst holding it’s chin above the water!

  • mythago

    Laughing here in Canada. These retard fems are comedy gold. We have a nasty infestation here also.

    • PHlevels

      I know I’ve seen those Big Red videos. And they sure love to pull fire alarms up there.

      • mythago

        Unfortunately the Sark is canadian too and also the head case mancheeze whose commented on this thread.

        • PHlevels

          Jeez screw building a wall on the border of Mexico we need put one on the Canadian border.

          • mythago

            Just nuke us from above. Gotta be sure

  • Pres. Weakling K Hissyfit

    feminists are cowards

    • Zuzanna Smith

      Correction: liberal funfems are cowards.

    • QuothTheRaven

      Milo is a pointless inciter who lives to create shit like this.

      • Bob

        which is why I find it shocking anyone thought milo or julie were good speakers to have in the first place, it’s like inviting Ray Comfort to a religion in the science class room debate. There has to be plenty of “anti-feminist” (or whatever you want to call them) speakers to choose from, and they somehow managed to pick the two absolute worst ones, how the hell does someone fuck up that badly.

      • Craig smith

        yeah, but unfortunately, YOU personally don’t get to decide that for the earth…

  • endian

    Lol@theidiots.mancheste, liberals? hater of free speech can’t be liberal, maybe fascists or communists.

  • Amaryllis

    Everyone even modestly sane has already said this, but LOL. The idea of two people, apparently on opposing sides even, being banned from a debate on free speech vs. censorship seems like such a perfect set up to a stereotypical old timey British joke that I expect Yakety Sax to start playing at any moment.

    These are the people that are going to inherit the world. Get ready.

  • Poeticlargess

    “Indeed, the whole point of the debate was to consider whether feminism has a problem with unfettered speech. I think now we know.” Indeed, this could not have gone any better for the cause of free speech. I say we start replicating this around the global where the same conditions exist, i.e. everywhere.

  • AQuaintPeacock

    We have been made aware of various comments lambasting rape survivors
    and trans* people, and as such we are concerned for the safety of our
    students on the topic of this event. He is a rape apologist and has
    repeatedly used derogatory and debasing ableist language when describing
    members of the trans* community.

    This quote isn’t satire. You’re not on tumblr. Let that sink in…

    • Keanu Heggem

      I also thought that that statement was far too…. aggressive for a decision that an institution made while supposedly rejecting him on purely objective terms.

    • Pitchguest

      It’s frightening that none of them at the University realised that the point of debates is to challenge others point of views. If they felt so strongly about his views, they could have just, I don’t know, *debated* him directly, pitted questions to him directly, put him in the hot chair as it were, and maybe, possibly, likely since it’s Milo, he would have replied.

      The same principle applies to Julie Bindel. I don’t normally use this word, but it’s actually quite *offensive* that none of the officials at the University called the Students’ Union on their bullshit. Ultimately it’s not the will of the students that should be adhered. They’re there to be challenged, it’s a teacher’s job to challenge their students. If they haven’t done that sufficiently, they’ve failed. They’re not there to be catered to.

  • Brian

    They should rename it the Free Speech and Irony Society

    • LC

      The Free Speech and Secular Society has tried hard to get this event approved throughout the last weeks and it’s doing what we can to hold it. We’re opposed to this illiberal ban. FSS ≠ Student Union.

    • MancVandaL

      Without the free speech. So just Irony.

    • Glebs Litvjaks

      If I am not mistaken, the Free Speech and Secular Society was the one who invited these speakers, it was the Students’ Union which banned them.

  • This is some Twilight Zone shit.

    A debate about censorship bans both speakers from speaking? Can these safe space idiots honestly not see how hilariously ironic that is?

    Oh my days.

    • Dankoopa

      That would imply they have self awareness

      • I sometimes forget we’re dealing with the same kind of people who think anyone who isn’t white can’t be racist or sexist.

        • QuothTheRaven

          “Sure, they’re using a specific definition of racism as involving institutional power, but I’m going to just ignore that to score some cheap points!”

          • I can’t tell if you’re agreeing or disagreeing with me, sorry.

            EDIT: Nevermind I just realised you’ve replied to almost every comment on here and have an obvious hate boner for Milo. Jog on, mate.

          • Jonas

            Perhaps they wouldn’t get so much crap if they didn’t purposely redefine the word so they could make this claim. Words mean what people think they mean, so if no one agrees with your redefinition, you’re wrong. The correct term isn’t “racism”, it’s “Institutional Racism”.

    • QuothTheRaven

      And the twist ending is… both speakers are shit!

      • I like Milo, he’s funny and even though I don’t agree with all of his views I think he’s spot on with a lot of stuff.

        As for Bindel, I recall her writing something nonsensical for The Guardian, but she’s hardly alone in that respect.

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  • Cosmic Spark

    Welp, you just answered your own question. I genuinely, 100% honestly, can’t figure out if this article is parody. It has to be.

  • As a 2nd wave radical feminist, I have to say that I loathe liberal feminism for it’s failure to center women and its constant censorship of ideas. Shame on you student union. You’re a laughingstock. This attempt at saving face by banning Milo doesn’t save face. It makes you all look ridiculous. Oh and the ‘women’s officer’ responsible is actually followed by the Pankhurst Centre on twitter: a Suffragette memorial centre. The Suffragettes who got women the right to vote also got us the right to enter public spaces and speak and get an education. But I suppose that right is only for men who put on a frock.

    • Hannah

      Before they banned Milo they said this:

      “This is not about shutting down conversations or denying free speech; this is about keeping our students safe,” she says. “If this were about silencing people we happen to disagree with or avoiding uncomfortable conversations, we would be denying the application for Milo Yiannopoulos to speak.”


    • mythago

      Came out of your little mousehole eh You little hypocrite lol. You’re one of the worst for lies and censorship lmao.

    • Bob

      Possibly the first vaguely sensible, based-in-reality comment you’ve ever made. Congratulations, there is hope for you yet!

  • Eliah Ryan

    Milo isn’t an MRA check your facts darling

    • QuothTheRaven

      Shitty anti-feminist guys DO tend to blur together though.

      • Bob

        Feminist playbook #11 – negatively pidgeonhole all those who criticise feminism using a sweary word!

  • MancVandaL

    LMAO! I’m embarrassed to say I’m from this great city. You’re a joke.

  • Zuzanna Smith

    These handmaidens have zero to do with feminism.

  • Barmelo

    Wow. They won the debate without having to show up, haha. What a joke.

  • Jay Cumming

    So yeah. Milo won the debate without having to be there, because they showed why he’s right. By banning him.

  • Grim CW

    So the idea is to push for freedom of speech, and put down censorship… By Censoring and not allowing others to speak?

    that makes SOOOO much sense! except not here. it makes sense in bizarro world though!

    • QuothTheRaven

      Oh no, what will Milo do if he can’t speak? What’s that? He can publish articles on Breitbart pretty much at will no matter how awful they are? Well then.

      • Grim CW

        True enough. But thats not the point. The point is he was supposed to go here to discuss and debate about censorship, and then was banned because they disagree with their views (remember two people were actually banned here) and don’t want to hear what they have to say, I.E. they were censored by these people from the very place they were to discuss/debate censorship.

        Its a bit silly to censor a debate about censorship simply because the people invited are controversial, the entire reason for a debate in the first place is to see which side has the better argument within a controversy. They weren’t going to simply SPEAK to the students, they were to DEBATE the content provided, content they were then banned for having sides on.

      • Grim CW

        Not sure how that has anything to do with the topic above. The point being that they censored people from speaking at an event that was supposed to be about censorship. The internet hardly counts against anything.

  • Mike Hayes

    Beyond parody! Tertiary education in this country is an absolute joke.

  • Roy Kliffen

    Isn’t it about time to take a broom to both the Student Union and University board and sweep out all the feminist ideologues.
    Universities thrive on discussion and controversial ideas … shutting anyone down because of controversial ideas makes universities irrelevant, and its graduates incapable to function fully at the supposed mental level required

  • Craig Bushmouse

    >censored from a debate on censorship

    It’s happened, parody is more sane than real life.

  • AntiMisandry

    Why am I not shocked that the NUS is happy to ban Julie Bindel for her transphobic attitude, the same NUS has no issue with the same woman spouting hatred directed at men routinely and with increasing degrees of hatred?

  • Mark Sampson

    Censorship: the cyclical suppression, banning, expurgation, or editing by an individual, institution, group or government that enforce or influence its decision against members of the public — of any written or pictorial materials which that individual, institution, group or government deems obscene and “utterly” without redeeming social value,” as determined by “contemporary community standards.”
    –Chuck Stone, Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina

  • Jan Scott

    Proof again that student unions are the playgrounds for tomorrow’s fascists.

  • Laura Smyth

    Milo is a psychopath.

    • Joliphant

      You just hate gay people. Homophobe.

    • David Weaver

      So you think Gay people are psychopaths. Yeah, you’re not a bigot at all, eh? Why do gay people with opinions scare you so much, Laura?

      • QuothTheRaven

        So I take it you learned how to debate from Milo then?

    • Sleepless

      Being a psychopath doesn’t mean your arguments are less valid. Learn to argue against the idea, not the person.

    • scanspeak

      Let me guess -you’re one of the feminist haters.

    • Glebs Litvjaks

      “Milo is a psychopath.”

      Citation needed.

      Also, funny how you didn’t call Julie Bindel a psychopath, even though she advocated for putting all men in concentration camps.


  • Mark Sampson

    From yesterday:
    “This is not about shutting down conversations or denying free speech; this is about keeping our students safe,” Jess Lishak says. “If this were about silencing people we happen to disagree with or avoiding uncomfortable conversations, we would be denying the application for Milo Yiannopoulos to speak.”


  • Lionel Hutz

    Liberals preach tolerance, but only of people like them. It’s blatant intolerance for everyone else.

  • Lionel Hutz

    So we should promote equality of women, trans, etc – but yet they are so weak and feeble they have to be literally physically protected from people who they disagree with by creation of (ha!) “safe zones”. Clearly liberals think that feminists, trans, homosexuals, etc are so weak, so simple-minded, that the very PRESENCE of an opposing viewpoint would irreparably harm them. Such hypocrisy.

    • QuothTheRaven

      Or maybe Milo really is that shitty, and even if you disagree with the people he opposes you can still do far, far better.

      • Bob

        Feminist playbook #3 – ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem!

  • smh

    who is paying the speaker’s fees?

  • Rename it to “The Massive Hypocrites Debate Series.”

    T-shirts could be made. “Free speech is awesome as long as I agree with the speech!”

  • Anon

    HAHAHA, jesus christ…winning a debate about censorship by being banned from entering. You couldn’t make this shit up….

    • QuothTheRaven

      “Winning” a debate by being terrible enough to get banned.

      • Anon

        Not liking what they have to say, are we? Not entirely sure you understand exactly what censorship is.

      • Glebs Litvjaks

        While Julie Bindel is indeed terrible, I wouldn’t ban her. Let her speak her mind and show the world how despicable she is.

        Milo is OK though.

  • Morbius Yig

    > Fire ups old PC
    > Flips on modem
    > Dials up the interwebs
    > Checks to see how decline of western civilization is progressing…
    (>_ Welp, seems we’re ahead of schedule. Let’s open the good wine this evening.
    > Shuts off internets.

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  • Perplexico

    Feminists answer: “We surrender the debate — the answer to the question is ‘yes, modern feminism has a serious problem with free speech.'”


    • Nohbody

      That would require a self-awarenessthat seems to be sorely lacking in modern feminism.

  • ShanghaiWatcher

    My home environment, the environment that I enforce at my work, and the environment that I allow my teenager to experience are all Safe Spaces. Talking about, reading about, watching broadcast programs that mention or positively refer to homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, multiculturalism, and Obama are all strictly forbidden.

  • Cody


  • Filipe Santos

    This University, compliments of it’s Student Union,
    is literally a laughing stock these days here at the IST (Lisbon’s top
    STEM university institution and MIT partner).

    You are nothing short of pathetic, and your international image is tarnished.

    Few things scream weak-mindedness and an aversion to logic and
    academic discussion (on campus no less) like the echo-chambers that
    these ‘safe spaces’ have become.

    This pretense of ’emotional trigger protection’ or ‘safe spaces’ for
    their apparently infantile alumni has never been anything other than a
    more socially innocuous term for fascist-grade censorship.

    Who are you even ‘educating’ with these unilateral facsimiles of a
    ‘debate’? All you achieve is a platform for intolerant, narrow-minded
    and intellectually stunted fools like your student union and the passive
    officials who enable them, where they may coax one another unopposed
    into increasingly deluded and extremist views; which is why their only
    (fallacious) form of argumentation when meeting with real opposition to
    their fragile beliefs is in the form of Kafka-traps. Pitiful.

    This is intellectual suicide and you should be ashamed as a university.

    To ban Mr.Yiannopoulos, (a former student with as of yet academically
    unchallenged perspectives to offer the student body), under the
    insulting assumption that the students as a whole are simultaneously too
    immature to ‘safely’ assimilate his views for their consideration, and
    too idiotic to otherwise refrain from attending, is offensive and
    degrading in itself to all faculty members.

    You spit not only on your own academic credentials and reputation,
    but also on those of Mr. Yiannopolous via unfounded, libelous claims
    about his persona (e.g. that ‘he is a rape apologist’).

    Reparations should be made by reinstating him and Julie Bindel as
    speakers (in the interest of fair, stimulating critical discourse) and
    the issue of a second public announcement apologizing for the defamation
    unwittingly disseminated in the first.

    This is unlikely, of course, given your apparent immunity to reason.


  • Daniel

    If you have to silence the opposition to defend your position, you admit that your position is indefensible.

  • Fuck censorship. Fuck the Manchester Students’ Union. Fuck “safe spaces”. Fuck feminism.

  • Thesimpleway

    So the theme is about how feminism has a problem with free speech and they uninvited the people standing for the motion. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    People fought and died for your right to free speech and this is the way you treat that right?

  • Pitchguest

    I love it. They actually got banned from a panel on whether modern feminism have a problem with free speech.
    It’s just… oh. Exquisite. Mwah.

  • Sleepless

    This is great, winning a debate without even debating.

  • Faggory Daggory Doo!

    well we cant have wrongthink disrupting their free speech discussion

  • Sal

    If you have to shut down your opposition, that means you have a problem with censorship.


    Don’t become so open-minded that your brains fall out. (Borrowed from G K Chesterton) I think that applies here.

  • RileyDeWiley

    Once again, campus feminists make the case against post-secondary education of women.

    Thank you, ladies. Now, back to the nursery with you….

  • he_who_scoffs_at_danger

    So, resolved in the afirmative I take it?

  • Shakes_McQueen

    You know how you “defeat” odious views and ideas? By challenging the people espousing them in public forums, and exposing them for what they are.

    Free speech isn’t about creating “safe spaces” for regressive liberals, and banning invited speakers from your campus because they said some things that might maybe make someone uncomfortable. Man alive. This is a place of higher learning?

    Remember when universities were vibrant marketplaces of ideas – good and bad? Now they might as well roll the students up in bubble wrap, and run every statement through a computer to make sure it won’t offend anyone.

    The SU should be ashamed of themselves.

  • he_who_scoffs_at_danger

    The disingenuousness of the statement is pretty startling. The Student Union did not just, at this late hour, discover that Yianopolous is a rightwinger who says rightwing things. If they knew of him at all, they’d have known he is conservative columnist best known for championing the ‘evil’ side in the ‘GamerGate’ controversy between feminists and ‘MRAs’. And they must have known of him because they invited him. Not some random name from the phonebook, but him.

    Meaning can only be discerned from the sequence of bannings and the statements relating to them if you assume that the event organizers and the Student Union disinvited Yianopolous bec

    Yianopolous was invited not to participate in an airing of opposing views, but as a target for socially appropriate hate. This was to be a presentation of the proposition that feminism does not have a censorship problem. The event’s organizers intended for Yianopolous to be stood up in stocks as a bad example which the audience is invited to boo and hiss at; to seduce them towards a vulgar, Us versus Them dichotemy.

  • scanspeak

    Stop wasting our tax dollars and close this “university” which is really a feminist/marxist indoctrination camp.

  • scanspeak

    Milo, a standing round of jazz-hands for you.

  • Craig smith

    So the framer of the question wins the debate, right?

    then the framer of someones character win the debate, because they re categorized another person, minimized them to an expedient label, then said based on that label, they are disqualified…

  • holygoat

    We can’t have speech that will challenge students and make them uncomfortable; this is a University!

  • GeniusInExile

    What is clear is that the people running this event are clueless.

  • Kathleen Bannan

    I really have to thank Arthur Chu for being so insane on Discus and, inadvertently, getting me into this stuff. Feminism has been taken over by some insane people. It’s fascinating and terrifying to read about.

    • Bob

      Feminism has a long history of being run by insane people.

  • SimonNorwich

    Banning people from speaking at a debate about censorship! I know it’s a cliché, but you really couldn’t make it up.
    By the way, could someone please explain to me (I didn’t go to university), how it is that student unions seem to be able to ban events organized by various university societies. How do they have such power? Do they really have the power to do that? I’m amazed. This isn’t the 1970s.

    • Live the dream

      Of course its not the 70s. They didn’t censor anything back then in fact they were very much anti censorship.

  • Bob

    From yesterday:

    ““This is not about shutting down conversations or denying free speech;
    this is about keeping our students safe,” she says. “If this were about
    silencing people we happen to disagree with or avoiding uncomfortable
    conversations, we would be denying the application for Milo Yiannopoulos
    to speak.”

    Want to try again?

    Here’s an archive version of that article in case it gets censored:

  • disqus_QL05BqU79X

    For the love of god, will someone PLEASE stop Orwell turning in his grave? He’s causing subsidence.

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  • Jonas

    The irony of this is not lost on me. This is freaking hilarious. Not even sure why there’s going to be a debate, since the student group just answered the hell out of that question.

  • Hector James Haddow

    They should be renamed to the “University of Manchester Censorship and Sectarian Society”

  • bs76

    The irony, it burns.

    This just goes to show how completely lacking in self awareness these liberal SJW types are.

    Also, this pretty much negates the need to even have the event. Any questions over its topic were just settled.

  • Ryan Meehan

    I think it’s safe to say they answered their own question. No debate needed.

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  • Rödgrön

    How the fuck do you guys keep a straight face? This is hilarious! Well, if it happens that you are SOMEWHAT self-aware, I guess you thought the debate was a waste of time because you just answered the question the debate was centered around, “Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?”. Eh… yes? And you wonder why people don’t take feminism seriously.

  • Glebs Litvjaks

    The irony! It burns!

    Well, there is no need for the debate anymore. This incident settled it. Why waste the time and effort debating about something that is so blatantly obvious? Congratulations!

  • Chris Field

    It’s very meta that they won this debate by not being allowed to have it.

  • Ian Hare

    The road to totalitarianism, contaminated by insidious leftist dogma that is cancerous throughout Western academic institutions, a “fashionable” politically correct “fad” with dangerous REAL world consequences if this stupidity is not stopped! I like Milo and dislike Bindel but they are entitled to speak in a public forum! The current obsession with “safe spaces”, ” hug boxes” and university censorship is far more dangerous than any opposing ideas and needs to be stopped now not tomorrow before this gets way out of hand, not that it already hasn’t with numerous people having their career’s and live’s ruined because of this insidious leftist trend!!

  • Ian Hare

    Universities are supposed to be seat’s of higher learning not indoctrination and brainwashing?!

  • Dakt

    Banned from an event on free speech and censorship…for comments he’s made on Twitter. Couldn’t make this up.

  • DrEvil007

    Way to prove all the critics right.

  • Italy GG

    These things still feel so tragicomically surreal to me.
    How do they even get away with things like this?
    Do people not see that those ideologies are so wrong that they need to censure all criticism to survive?
    Why is anyone willing to accept these things passively?

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