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Emma Bean

Middle Eastern studies at the University, originally from North Yorkshire
All of the candidates for the UMSU executive elections, 2013.

Should Students’ Union executive candidates be allowed to campaign with iPads?

With increased accusations of voter intimidation and the inequity to allowing a tool to be used that costs hundreds, we ask whether iPads should be allowed

Tammy Baldwin speaks during the second day of the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. Photo - Wikimedia Commons

My Political Hero: Tammy Baldwin

Emma Bean tells us why Tammy Baldwin was one of the most heroic names of 2012

Photo: Flickr user Erin M

Who does marriage equality benefit?

With the same-sex marriage bill passing its second reading, we hope it is the beginning of more progressive legislation for LGBT rights

Jerusalem, the location of year abroad study for students of Hebrew at the University. 
Photo - Lisa Murgatroyd

The allure of languages

In a world where graduate opportunities are limited, it seems little wonder that people seek out language degrees

Protest sussex uni

Stoning Tories doesn’t give you the moral high ground

After protestors at the University of Sussex shut down a debate about squatting, we discuss how this was pretty stupid.

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Debate: should we care where our clothes come from?

High Street shops engage in numerous unethical practices – but should we care?

Amanda Walters celebrating her first election victory.
Photo- Joe Sheffer

The importance of being accountable

After last week’s dramatic front page, Emma Bean discusses the importance of holding elected officials to account

Shisha cafes on the curry mile, in Rusholme. 
Photo: Rebekah Akingbala

Should the smoking ban apply to shisha cafes?

With the news of Manchester City Council’s crackdown on indoor shisha cafes, we take a look at the issue

Credit- a girl's guide to taking over the world

“Oh, but it wasn’t rape-rape…”

As George Galloway announces he is suing the NUS for libel, in wake of his being described by them as a “rape denier”, Emma Bean examines the culture of murky understandings of rape.

Students graduating at the University of Manchester. Photo: University of Manchester

Should we value the National Student Survey?

How far should we value a system that consistently ranks Russell Group institutions below less traditionally academic ones?

Photo: University of Manchester

Postgraduate loans – a better system?

The topic of whether or not we should have a public form of loans for postgraduate education has been floated, not for the first time,…

Demonstration by the English Defence league with a counter demonstration by Unite Against Fascism, Respect and various other groups, Piccadilly gardens 2009. Photo credit- Jonny Whiting

The importance of allowing idiots to have their say

Emma Bean discusses the importance of free speech in light of calls for Blasphemy laws to be re-introduced in the UK