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Photo: Engin_Akyurt @ Pixabay

Going home for a vegan Christmas

Adapting to family life at Christmas is becoming easier, with supermarkets adapting to growing amounts of vegetarians and vegans

Photo: Joe Taylor

Mapping Sheffield Street

Sheffield Street is another hub of rejuvenation in Manchester, with small businesses reclaiming old railway arches as spaces for brewing and baking

Photo: The Great Kathmandu

Review: The Great Kathmandu

An excellent curry, but the service leaves a lot to be desired

Photo by Joe Taylor

Review: Tibetan Kitchen, Chorlton

I have never been to Tibet, nor do I really know anything about Tibetan culture, aside from the quintessentials: Sherpas, the Dalai Lama, Free Tibet….

Photo: Adam Bruderer

Review: The Eagle Inn, Salford

A bit out of a UoM student’s comfort zone but well worth the trip

Photo: Joe Taylor

Review: W. H. Lung supermarket and Tai Pan restaurant

An insight into a world beyond Sainsbury’s

16th Century European Spice Trade - Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday in Salford, 1971 in Glasgow

Under uncompromising lighting, surrounded by a strange odour of damp, aged carpets, the kindly chef brought out our plates with a smile

Photo: Refuge

Restaurants For All Occasions

With Valentine’s Day soon, we thought it would be appropriate to offer a roundup of our favourite destinations for first daters, to long term relationships, to groups of friends who want a fun night out

Photo: Joe Taylor

Live: Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting’s 1980s-indebted indie pop warms the band’s typically shy audience, writes Joe Taylor

Photo: Joe Taylor

Al-Madina – The legend that stood firm

“Anticlimax can be a cruel mistress, if it can be called a mistress at all”

Photo: Refuge

The Refuge by Volta at the Palace Hotel

“The Glamour of Manchester”, “Do you wanna suit up?”, “Yes”

Shawarma Photo: Wikimedia Commons

September has come, long live the Shawarma.

September has come and along with it, Joe Taylor’s need for the curry mile’s finest wrap