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The Manchester Access Programme. Photo: University of Manchester

MAP turns ten

The University of Manchester’s Manchester Access Programme turns ten

Editor-in-chief Aidan Gregory talks to Nancy Rothwell in her office. Photo: The Mancunion

Exclusive: President and Vice-Chancellor Rothwell defends her salary and flight expenses

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell was asked whether it is right that Vice-Chancellors earn on average £260k at a time when increasing numbers of students are relying on food banks.

Fuse FM studio, which has benefited from alumni donations. Photo: Lauren Gorton

Number of Alumni Scholarships Reaches Record Levels

The 2014/15 academic year will see around 700 students attend the university on alumni funded scholarships.

Afghani student Gulwali had to journey through 10 countries to get to the UK  Photo: University of Manchester

Afghan teen who “made the impossible possible”

Teenage refugee turns his survival story into a successful one.

Alumni donations will be put towards a new laptop charging station at the library. Photo: Jonathan Whiting

Alumni donations set to soar

Donations from former students to Unviersity schemes are on the rise