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Alumni donations set to soar

The University of Manchester’s Alumni Association has raised £350,000 in one year from 3,349 donations.

The Association employs current students to campaign by telephone, calling university alumni and asking for donations.

In the last five years the number of donors has increased by 1,000 and the Association now hopes to now see an increase of 1,000 per year.

The Annual Fund Manager Rob Summers thinks that this target is possible: “We do more and more to fundraise but people are also more aware of what this means to students,” he said.

“Former students are happy to help new students, especially those who attended university before fees were implemented. They are keen for new students to have the same experience they had in Manchester.”

Stephanie Sparkes, BA (Hons) Geography alumna who graduated in 2011, recently became the 10,000th donor. She chose to donate £20.11 to celebrate her year of graduation, putting her gift towards the Opportunity Manchester Scholarship.

This scholarship provides £1,000 per year to students who completed the Manchester Access Programme, which aims to widen participation in the University.

There are also scholarships that support university research.

More practical examples that alumni can donate towards are a laptop charger station at the library, or equipment for Fuse FM and Fuse TV.

The Global Impact Awards are also financed by the fund, contributing £250 towards international travelling during the summer, allowing students to “bring practical or social benefits to an international community.”

Teri, a current student caller says that the majority of Alumni are receptive to the calls and think it’s a great programme. She said: “Some alumni like the idea of supporting the projects, but they can’t make a donation at the moment. Still, it’s important to continue building the relationship with the alumni for future donations.”

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