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19th September 2011

2011 Winter preview

Jack Hadley casts his eye over some of the big cinematic releases this term…

After a summer of the usual action blockbuster variety, here’s a brief look at four more eye catching titles coming out in the next few months:


Paranormal Activity 3 (21st October)

Guess what? It’s a prequel! (Why is the third film always a prequel?) We’re taken back to the childhood of the protagonists from the second movie, so expect lots of irritating kids shitting their pants when a light bulb starts ‘terrifyingly’ switching on and off.


Anonymous (28th October)

A film about Shakespeare in which it turns out our pre-eminent playwright was actually a mere actor, used as cover by a mysterious aristo (Rhys Ifans) who wants to keep his name out of the limelight. ‘Sacrilege!’ I hear you cry…well perhaps, but the cast is wonderful and Roland Emmerich has a decent track record for enjoyable (and brainless) flicks like The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day.


Hugo (2nd December)

A new film by perhaps America’s greatest living director: Martin Scorsese. I know what you’re thinking, ‘It’s about guns, or Mafioso or death.’ Well you’re wrong. Turns out this is a family movie about an orphan in 1930s Paris. Interesting.


The Iron Lady (January 12th)

Politics students and raving Thatcherites rejoice!  Finally a biopic about the forever controversial and divisive PM. Time will tell what stance this film will take politically, if any at all. Meryl Streep plays Thatcher, and judging by the trailer, she seems to have nailed the accent and mannerisms superbly.

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