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17th October 2011

Lost World at Cornerhouse

Cornerhouse does it again!

Well don’t I feel cultured. Arriving at the Cornerhouse on a typical Mancunion Sunday afternoon, I am genuinely more excited to be going to the cinema than I have been since I saw Tron: Legacy at the IMAX in Waterloo. Hopefully this time I won’t want to stab anyone in the face after watching it or bleed from my eyeballs during the film. The reason I am so excited is because I am about to be treated to one of Cornerhouse’s best cinematic experiences ever, and that is saying something. On Sunday, Cornerhouse are screening a showing of the 1925 release of The Lost World in all its silent black and white glory. Am I really that pretentious? Ermmm I think you will find that JJ, the keyboardist from the Scissor Sisters is playing a live score to the film during the performance… So yes, yes I am. The atmosphere is great and my housemates’ hangovers are fading slightly as we take our seats. Now I will say that whilst the music was thoroughly entertaining – and hats off to JJ for being both a very skilled pianist and quite a funny guy, the film was a bit mental. It was a really entertaining atmosphere, but there were long parts were nothing is really explained and we just see tiny people running away from clay models. That said it was yet another amazing Cornerhouse experience, and another reason why that cinema is so damn good.

patrick cowling

patrick cowling

Former film editor (2011-2012).

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