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Students occupy Sam Alex AGAIN in support of UCU strikes

//Breaking: Students occupy Sam Alex AGAIN in support of UCU strikes More

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UoM make face coverings mandatory on campus

//Breaking: UoM make face coverings mandatory on campus More

Great British Bake Off Drinking Game

We didn’t come up with this beauty all by ourselves. In fact, the inspiration came from James Morton’s blog. James is the Scottish fair isle-clad one, yes. The one we all fancy. Get some friends round, some baked goods and enjoy!

Drink one (lady) finger

– When the words ‘soggy bottom’, ‘good bake’, ‘good crumb’ are mentioned

– If Paul criticises a bake, with an additional two fingers if Mary follows with a tactful yet backhanded compliment

– When the presenters say ‘bake’ in an unnecessarily stupid register

– When the presenters eat something

– When there’s a close up of a contestant doing an odd facial expression


Drink two (sponge) fingers

– For every intended double entendre or innuendo from Mel and Sue

– For each individual disaster in the technical bake

– For every montage with animals

– When Paul scrapes the bottom of a bake with his knife

– If someone blames the weather for ruining baking conditions


Drink three (iced) fingers

– For every unintended double entendre from Mary, Paul or the contestants

– When someone pleads or prays in front of an oven

– Every time Mary gives a silent but clearly disapproving glance

– If Mary is wearing something shocking yet hip


Chin your drink

– Every time a contestant cries

– If someone drops or throws a cake on the floor

– If Paul Hollywood really rates a bake (must use one of: genius, beautiful, love, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, perfect)



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