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Dream Job: Entrepreneur

Richard Myers, the creator of ‘Get Baked’, describes his company as the ‘World’s first dessert and American confectionery business’. ‘Get Baked’ has recently taken Manchester by storm. The company started up in Leeds last year and it’s opening in Manchester for Freshers week  2012 is a testament to its growing success. Richard is excited about the response to ‘Get Baked’ and he is keen to expand further.

Using an entrepreneurial style can be regarded as a risky way to break into the business world. Whilst it is true it can be unstable, building one’s own business gives you the ability to create your own vision. Richard knew that he wanted to work with food, and that he wanted to have his own business. He explained that he saw a gap in the market for what he describes as ‘not typical takeaway food’. ‘Get Baked’ provides baked goods in Manchester and Leeds. They deliver until the early hours of the morning, perfectly complementing student life. Brownies, waffles and flapjack are just a few of the items that are available.

Knowing your market is the key to success, ‘Get Baked’ is a classic example of this. When setting up his business, Richard’s original plan was to sell baked goods and desserts, but spotting a further gap in the market he grasped the opportunity to expand into American confectionery  selling sweets such as Nerds and Peanut Butter Cups.

Setting up your own business gives you the flexibility that calling the shots allows. When you’re young you have less to lose.  If you see a gap in the market, as Richard did, why not give it a go?

Order now on 01613003153 or visit the website

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