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30th October 2012

ASOS: A cyber-highstreet alternative to diamonds

Jessica Cusack on a hard rock substitute

ASOS has risen to become the most popular online fashion retailer in the world, surpassing even the likes of Topshop with its extensive array of treats and low price points (price perhaps being a factor in its domination of Topshop). For evidence of this, look no further than the site’s selection of own-brand jewels, which rival any other high-street competitor.

ASOS’s designers clearly have a penchant for big, bold, sparkly jewels, thus making them a brand after my own heart. Accessories, as we have seen this issue, make the outfit, and with a pair of gobstopper earrings or a good-enough-to-eat necklace adorning your garms who needs to make as much of an effort? Especially in the winter where you’re more covered up (hopefully) and wearing darker colours which sometimes scream out for some sparkle. Diamonds may indeed be a girl’s best friend, but before you can afford that friendship, ASOS jewellery provides a much-needed fix.

picture: ASOS

Remember: in this case, more is more and there is no such thing as tacky. The brilliant thing about ASOS jewellery is that even though it usually won’t cost you above 20 quid, it doesn’t look or feel cheaply made (although the longevity of the pieces are not, unfortunately, guaranteed). These earrings are the ideal way to spruce up an evening look, or simply to take the attention away from an unwashed top-bun.

picture: ASOS

These chunky necklaces look amazing with a plain white shirt, or a simple cosy jumper, for a fun, accessible daytime accessory.

picture: ASOS


picture: ASOS

Stack as many sparkly, jewelled bracelets onto your arm as is possible to create the look coined by the one and only Man Repeller: ‘The Arm Party’. Once again this is an easy way to spice up a plain, dark outfit or to add an extra edge to something a little more colourful.

Jessica Cusack

Jessica Cusack

3rd Year English Literature student who enjoys taking a break from academic writing to explore the more aesthetic things in life… Looking forward to this year on-board The Mancunion as Beauty Editor.

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