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Rain Man(c)

As you pace down the human highway that is Oxford Road, desperately trying to make it to that dreaded lecture on time, you start to feel it. At first you try to ignore it, still in denial that you’re about to be caught out by what feels like an impending hurricane, but the drops are becoming increasingly heavy, and soon it’s a full scale rainstorm. By the time you reach the bus you are soaked to the bone, not to mention the sock. The only thing to do is to squelch your way onwards. It was always going to happen, let’s face it.

However, all is not lost. Fashion now meets functionality, as it appears the comeback of the welly-boot is in full swing. They have heard your cry for beautiful rubber friends (yes, we are still on the topic of wellies…)



With an overwhelming variety of styles adapted from the most popular shoe trends on the highstreet, there’s something for every personality. From the simple, classic Hunter to the fashionable ‘Wedge-Welly’, via the nostalgic Go-Go boot-inspired wellies by Christopher Ciccone, and the über comfortable quilted styles. The possibilities are endless.


Picture: Vivienne Westwood

However, for those of us whose Student Loans can’t quite stretch as far as the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Hunter or Audra Bow to name but a few, online store ‘Love Wellies’, has an endless array of charms, including their own take on designer styles at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, with fast and free delivery, staying practically fashionable no longer needs to feel like a chore, nor burn a hole in your pocket. Check them out at

Picture: tumblr

If it’s raining you need them. If it’s not raining, you still need them. Such is the country we live in.

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