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12th November 2012

Get on Your Trunks!

Keir says get down to your local pool for a body to die for

Do you want a summer body to be proud of? To be able to strut along the beach with a torso you can only dream about and without a care in the world. Well then swimming could be your exercise of choice. With the Aquatics Centre in close proximity to the university as well as a host of other public and private swimming pools in Manchester there is no excuse not to don your swimming costume and get out and do some lengths.

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the UK and there are many reasons why.

It works different muscle groups

If you want the dream body, then swimming is one of the only activities that can help you achieve your goal. It involves using all parts of your body including those muscle groups that are notoriously hard to exercise, but are essential noneheless, such as your core muscles. Each of the different strokes uses a slightly different combination of muscles as well so during your swim you can target the parts of the body you want to improve the most.

Its cheap

The public swimming pools in Manchester offer an unlimited time swimming session for £2.40 and it works out even cheaper when you sign up for a monthly programme. This is significantly less costly in comparison to how much a gym membership costs or if you already have a gym membership you can usually add use of the swimming pool onto it for only an extra couple of pounds each month.

Its low impact

There’s nothing worse than getting into rhythm of going for regular work outs only for it to be halted by an injury which sets you back a couple of weeks. So instead of guzzling down food to quench your sorrows, get down to the pool. Due to it being a low impact sport your joints don’t take a heavy pounding like they do in running and it will mean you can keep exercising for longer.

Its not weather dependent

We all know the feeling of setting yourself up for a run only for it to tip down and consequently give you a perfect excuse to have the day off. So stop excusing yourself and get indoors at your nearest pool!


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