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Must See: 4th-11th March

That Face

by Polly Stenham, directed by Amy O’Toole and Thea Paulett

That Face is a darkly comic look at an affluent family in freefall. Mia has been suspended from boarding school. Her brother Henry has dropped out and Martha, their mother, manipulates them all. The drama explores the reality of a modern day dysfunctional family. Stenham’s rich characters create the perfect dynamic for an absorbing production that highlights the intricacies and the extremities of the human condition.

Runs 4th-6th March 7pm at the Council Chambers, Students’ Union. Tickets £5.


The Conquest of the South Pole 

by Manfred Karge, directed by George Combe

Four unemployed men transform crushing boredom and desperation into a triumph of the human spirit – namely a re-enactment of Roald Amundsen’s victorious 1911 expedition to the South Pole. They turn a laundry-filled attic into an Antarctic adventure. But can they keep the traumas of real life out long enough to reach the Pole?

Runs 8th-10th March 7pm at the Council Chambers, Students’ Union. Tickets £5.


Boy in a Dress

A piece of autobiographical drama which follows La John Joseph, a ‘third-gendered, fallen Catholic’, from his life on the council estates of Merseyside to the strip clubs of New York City. Dubbed ‘incisive, witty, moving and glam’ by Time Out magazine, you’d be a fool to miss it.

Runs 5th-6th March at the Contact Theatre. Tickets £5.

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