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8th March 2013

Education Officer: Myonoway Toles

Myonoway Toles tells us why we should vote for her for Education Officer

My name is Myonoway Toles, I am from Los Angeles, California and I am currently pursuing my masters in International Relations. I am standing in the upcoming Student Union Election for Education Officer, and I am writing you today to ask for you endorsement. As an international student, I know the importance of education especially when the price of one continues to increase while the quality decreases therefore, making it difficult for students to afford higher education.

If given the opportunity to become your Education Officer, I promise to oppose all governmental and university tuition increase and cuts because I truly believe education should affordable for all students regardless of economic status. Not only will I oppose all cuts I will also continue to push for an increase in funding for Women in STEM   because although women make up just more than half of the population, only thirteen percent of engineers are women.  Women are similarly underrepresented in other science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professions, so organizations that encourage young women to study STEM in higher education are vital.

As Education Officer, I will fight to lower the cost of external specialist equipment particularly for students in the medical and science filed such as lab coats, stethoscopes, and eye-protective goggles. For students in other fields, I would like to work with the university to give students limited print credit at the beginning of every school year therefore reducing extra cost to students.

My goal and aspiration as Education Officer is to enhance the student experience for every student regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, and religion both at undergraduate and graduate levels in hopes of obtaining quality higher education.  Whether that is fighting for more prayer rooms, or free water dispenser stations, or female, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ recognition in academia, or more twenty-four hour access study areas in halls and around both campuses, or Wi-Fi in every all or better meal plans for catered halls, I hope to help make such significant contributions to students’ lives.

I would like to, in recognition for your work to enhance student experience, ask for your support and endorsement to help me in the upcoming student elections to help realise my ambitions. With your help, we could work collectively to make Manchester University a more conducive place to groom the future leaders of tomorrow.

Remember, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belong to the people who prepare for it today.”


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