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Apply for the Marketing Team

If you’re planning a career in Marketing and want some experience, or just have an interest in the field, apply to be a Marketing Officer by filling out this application form.


Why get involved?

As one of the most respected student publications in the country, working with us can transform your CV.

Regardless of what industry you want to go into, working for The Mancunion’s Marketing Team can give you impressive experience and transferable skills, from working as part of a team, to creating new strategies to further the paper’s reach.

What we want:

We’re looking for creative students who are well engaged in University life, have an interest in the marketing of a product and can produce original ideas.

Successful candidates will have a good understanding of The Mancunion’s brand and reach, and a desire to be a part of improving it.

Some previous, relevant experience is preferred, but not essential.

The job:

The role of a Marketing Officer is to increase the audience of the paper.

They will work on creating promotional material and ideas for the paper.


Best of luck to all candidates.

Jonathan Breen, Editor-in-Chief

Harriet Hill-Payne, Deputy Editor

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