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25th September 2013

Student Gym Guide

Want to keep that summer bod or maybe get one a few months late? Manchester offers a wide selection of gyms, but which one is best for you and your budget?

The Gym Manchester

The Gym Manchester, located near Piccadilly, is a popular choice for many students. With memberships starting at only £15.99 a month you can see why it appeals to many. It’s open 24/7 for the insomniacs amongst you and offers free daily classes. Downsides? Being this cheap, The Gym is what it says on the tin: no pool, sauna, steam room or spa. It advertises its memberships as being ‘contract free’ meaning you are able to cancel at any time without being charged. However, if you cancel and rejoin you’ll have to pay £20 joining fee again or alternatively can pay £5 a month to ‘freeze’ your membership (to avoid this cost and keep your place).

Sugden Sports Centre

Just up the road from Deaf Institute, Sugden is a good choice for those who want to spend an hour between lectures working out. The centre is currently offering nine month memberships for £155 (which works out at £17.22/month) or twelve month memberships for £165 (£13.75/month). Payment is made up front so you need to be committed to going or risk wasting your money. Again, there are no spa facilities or swimming pool but the centre does offer two sports halls, four squash courts and a 5-a-side football pitch (recently used in a Nike advert). Drop in classes are pay-as-you-go and priced at £3.30 for students.

Armitage Fitness Suite

The Armitage Centre can be found in the Fallowfield campus so is extremely handy for those living in halls. The site offers the same facilities as Sugden. Memberships are also paid in full up front: £150 for nine months peak membership, £155 for twelve and £110 and £120 for off-peak. Drop in classes are also £3.30.

Regardless of your year, for those living in Fallowfield/Withington, I would recommend Armitage. Whilst The Gym’s price is tempting, it’s unlikely you’ll make the effort to get to Piccadilly and unless you shower there, you’ll have to get on a Magic Bus looking red and feeling grim. Sugden’s location presents a similar problem unless you really are a lecture/gym hopper. Reasonably priced, well equipped and close to home, Armitage seems to be the best and most popular option.

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