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7th October 2013

Autumn beauty trend report: coloured eyeliner

Stephanie Yeo shows us how to work this season’s hottest new beauty trend.

We all have our classic look. Be it piling on loads of mascara or a flawless face of foundation, it’s your go-to for casual days without much effort. Then there are days where you put on a nice little cute number and wished you had extra time to jazz up your look! Fret not, because the coloured liner is here! They are understated and underrated, because a good coloured liner can indeed spice things up. This could be your first step to trying out a slightly dramatic colour that you’ve always secretly loved but never took the plunge. I personally like to use them on my waterline for a pop of colour, now let me present you my top colored liner picks.

Urban Decay does a fabulous glide on eye pencil in ridiculous amount of colours (40 to be exact) so I’m sure you can find a colour to suit your inner wild child. They are called 24/7 for a reason because these babies don’t budge. If you’re beginning to dabble into colours, Rimmel London, Bourjois and Kiko too do coloured liners, they might not have 50 shades of grey but great nonetheless. Not forgetting how often Superdrug/Boots have 3 for 2, you could easily get a variety of them to play around with, at minimal cost.

Using the Make up Forever Aqua Eyes in 23L and Urban Decay’s 24/7 in Empire, this first look is fun and flirty. The idea behind is so that the shimmery pink eyeliner highlights your inner tear duct whilst the purple accentuates the eye.

The second look is a bronze navy duo that came to life with Kiko’s Glamorous Eye Pencil in 407 and 401.

Lastly, I used Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof eye pencil in Green that is a great funky statement without being OTT. Don’t forget to smudge and blend it out with a Q tip to avoid harsh lines.

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