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Top 5: Male Shoes


1. Clarks Desert Boots – £79

The most gentlemanly shoe on the list, Clarks Desert boots are the longstanding gem in the male footwear halls of fame – comfortable, versatile and very suave. Suede doesn’t seem ideal given Manchester’s weather conditions, but the leather versions make a smart alternative.


2. Nike Air Max Thea –  £85

 I know what you’re thinking: Air Max have been rinsed by just about everyone on campus. It seems like every other set of feet you see is clad in a pair, though most of the wearers probably hadn’t heard of them ‘til uni. The Thea’s, though, are the lesser-seen, but much sleeker version.

3. Puma Suede Classic – £55

Puma is the underdog in the branded sports shoe stakes, but the suede classics have made plenty of appearances on well-dressed students all over Manchester. With a wide range of colours on offer, you’re spoilt for choice.

4. Reebok Classic – £45

Reebok Classics are pretty basic, but they do the job. I’d avoid the white pair unless you’re emulating the yob look, but investing in the black would be a sound choice. Just £45 from Sports Direct: you can’t go wrong, can you?


5  Dr Martens 1461 – £90

Possibly not everyone’s cup of tea, these DMs are made for the more tailored gent. Built to last, you couldn’t ask for a sturdier shoe. Think less of the ‘This is England’ look, and more of a ‘nonchalant academic’ vibe.


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