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Here comes the sun…

Despite the clouds outside my window, the ever-optimistic Brit within me is certain that the sun will be smiling down on us in abundance very shortly. In my fantasy we are all blissfully be gallivanting round Platt Fields, basking in warmth in the beer garden at the Friendship and boogying on down at Parklife. Somehow the attire I quickly shove on first thing in the morning when my eyes are still firmly stuck together in order to get a space at the library doesn’t quite fit the requirements of the post-exams dream.

In order to make sure you are looking your best don’t let something as essential as the right pair of sunglasses bring your outfit down: no summer ensemble is complete without the right pair of shades to seal the deal. It is definitely worth investing in a staple pair that will last you for the season. Here are my top picks for each head shape:


Heart Shaped

 For those of you with heart-shaped heads opt for a cat-eyed frame which will accentuate and balance your head shape. 

Dior £160.00

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 21.36.56


 If you are lucky enough to be blessed with an oval-shaped head you can pretty much work any frame you fancy. Try some smaller rounded frames like these Persols for a look almost edgy enough for Manchester.

Persol £164.00


Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 21.56.29 


The best frames to help a rounder shaped head add definition are angular frames. For a fail-safe option go for Ray Ban Wayfarers. The folding pair are not only more useful to fit in your handbag but also come slightly on the smaller size if you have a more petite head.

Ray Ban £114.75


Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 21.46.34


For squarer shaped heads, try prominent round frames that will work to highlight your best features. This pair from Tom Ford is expensive but the kind of pair that are worth eating baked beans for the next few months for.

Tom Ford £204.00

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