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10th September 2014

I (kind of) Woke Up Like This

So you’ve had a big night, you’ve got kebab in your hair and you look like an extra from The Mummy? Memorise these beauty tips so that you can strut to class with pride as opposed to shame in the am.

Preparation is everything

Alcohol dehydrates everything, leaving your hair your skin and even your brain feeling shrivelled. Hydrate yourself from the inside-out with a fish-oil supplement. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot fresher the next morning and your skin will thank you for it.


Bun=Best Friend:

Sweaty roots and mangled tresses can be easily disguised with a messy top knot. Be sure to prep your locks with a texturizing powder and a scented hair mist to fake that freshly washed look come Monday morning. Redken Style Connection Powder Grip, packs a powerful volumising punch and lasts and lasts. Aquolina Pink Sugar Fragrance is spiked with candy scents and fruity flavours, masking the musty odours from last night’s smoking area.


Give the makeup a miss

Well, in a certain sense. Nothing gives away last night’s secrets more than a full face of foundation which on dehydrated skin can look cakey and discoloured. Instead target specific points of discolouration with Rosaliac CC Cream by La Roche Posay. Green tinted correctors such as this neutralize redness and yellow tints mask under eye bags. Finish with a light slick of hydrating BB cream such as Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream; it’ll sit much better than your regular foundation.


Shine bright like a diamond

Highlighting really is the pièce de résistance when you wake up feeling fuzzy. Just a few dabs blended along your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and in the centre of your forehead will add depth to your face and create a luminous effect. Combine this with a rosy cream blush such as Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge and for all anyone knew, you stayed in with your Kindle last night.


Sight for sore eyes

Friday’s smokey may have wowed at the time, but heavy eye makeup during the day will only highlight that you’ve had 2 hours sleep and you’re running on Red Bull. Utilise a beige liner along your lower water line to make your eyes appear wider and more awake. Sleeping with an extra pillow also helps to drain fluid from under your eyes, preventing puffiness. Though when you arrive home, pizza, not pillow height is probably the first thing on your mind!

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