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7th November 2014

The fashion formula

Five fabulous classic pieces your wardrobe can not be without

So we all know that feeling… we have made it through half of the first semester, student loans are rapidly dissolving and Christmas is just around the corner… how can we possibly fund our desire for fabulous new clothes? Well here is a way you can convince everyone you’re a dedicated follower of fashion with just a few staple items that will look fabulous season after season, without having to keep up with all the constant new trends.

Queen of the immortal wardrobe has got to be Victoria Beckham. Victoria keeps it super simple and yet super classy with select timeless styles and monochrome shades.

Here are our five favourite classic items that will keep you looking on trend for as long as the items will last! And all for £50 or less; so you will look great as well as your bank balance!



 1. The Pencil Pant

Fed up of jeans and leggings day in and day out, but too chilly on these Autumn days to possibly brave the skirt? The pencil pant is your everyday saviour. This key item looks amazing in any colour and the beautifully tailored design is flattering on all shapes and sizes. Dress them up with heels, or keep them simple with pumps or trainers. Season after season we see the pencil pant in many forms across the high street, from bold prints, to bright colours, to monochrome tones, and it’s here to stay; the pencil pant is the ultimate staple trouser.



2. The Mini Skirt

The politically charged swinging 60’s saw great change and revolution across the globe. The mini skirt became a symbol of empowerment, independence and liberation for women, and now, 50 years later, the simple design is still as big of a statement as it ever was.

Whether in pencil form, or A-line, this skirt looks great for any occasion and should be in included in every wardrobe.



3. The Shift Dress

Originally created by Givenchy, the shift dress is the perfect day-to-night dress. This design is bold but subtle, and will be sure to outlive any of the modish dress trends on the high street at the moment. I’m loving this high-neck shift dress by Miss Guided that gives the dress even more of a 60s flare.


Photo: New Look

4. The Collarless Coat

Quite possibly one of the toughest of decisions of them all is choosing the right coat or jacket. With everything from fur to leather to shearling we wonder how it is possible to find a simple, classic coat that will quite literally go with everything. Well, the collarless coat could be the answer to your prayers… The design is simple and looks smart zipped up, and cute and casual undone. Whether it is that early morning lecture or even date night, this coat will be good to you and fit with any outfit.

Photo: River Island

5. The Loafer

The loafer was brought to us from Norway in the early 20th Century and with the popular recent demand for androgynous clothing the loafer has never been a more popular choice as a super cute everyday shoe. A good pair of loafers will look pretty paired with everything from dresses to jeans, and are often more practical than your average pump shoe… which is ideal if you are one of the world’s most last minute students like me, and usually running from one end of campus to another come rain or shine!

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