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13th December 2014

Tutorial: Festive feline flicks

Ellie Howe brings a festive twist to this classic eye liner look

The feline flick is an essential part of many make up routines. To add a festive feel we have combined it with a glittering gold smokey eye and a pop of Santa’s favourite colour on the lip.

What you will need:

Gold/brown shimmering eye shadows
Gold glitter eye liner
Black liquid eye liner
Red lip liner/lipstick

1. Start by applying your usual foundation base, blending seamlessly around the jawline for a natural finish. Apply concealer over any blemishes and on those dreaded bags, and powder on top to set the products. Fill in your brows if this is usually part of your routine – a darker brow makes the golden and brown shadows stand out. Start the eyes with a base, this can be a primer or cream eye shadow.

Photo: Ellie Howe

2. Using the lightest shade of gold first, blend outwards from the inner corner of the eye and into the crease. Gradually darken the shade and apply to the outer two-thirds of the eye, to give the illusion of depth. Apply a glitter eye liner to the centre of the eye to emphasise the feline flick, and add a very dark brown into the outermost edge of the crease, blending to avoid harsh lines. For the flick, mark the point that you want the flick to reach with a dot, and draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to this spot. Place your brush at this spot and bring the line to the centre of your eyelid, and fill to create the perfect flick. Finish the eyes with mascara.

Photo: Ellie Howe

3. Contouring and Highlighting is vital to achieving this glowing, polished look.  Use a matte brown bronzer to shape the cheekbones: apply directly underneath the bone and blend in an upward direction using a buffing motion. Lightly brush the bronzer over your temples and around the hairline at the top of the forehead to complete. Use a golden highlighter over the top of the cheekbones, shaping it in a ‘C’ shape from the top of the cheekbone to underneath the brow. Apply a pale pink blusher on the apples of the cheeks to finish.

Photo: Ellie Howe

4. Carefully line your lips with a red liner (avoid creating a Kylie Jenner-style duck pout). Use a lip brush and lipstick to fill in the spaces between the liner, taking extra caution around the treacherous Cupid’s bow area. If any lipstick strays, apply concealer to cover and provide a clean edge. Top everything off with some winter woollies and an advent calendar and hey presto! The look is complete.

Photo: Ellie Howe

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