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18th February 2015

Great Worqs

Are you a keen publisher, writer or filmmaker? Then check out Great Worqs, the new and innovative publishing platform

Having started just over a month ago it seems that Great Worqs is certainly a force to be reckoned with, just looking over their website alone shows their substantial growth across multiple social platforms. Great Worqs is using media itself as a source to connect and unite people who are interested in publishing, with their aim being to connect readers, writers and filmmakers, it is a market that is tapping into the new modern and malleable approach to all creative avenues.

Great Worqs is a platform which encourages and enables writers and writing enthusiasts to put their hand at writing short stories, film synopses and blurbs that will be submitted and if the pieces are good enough they will be published onto the platform. Writers with published work on the site are able to upload books and scripts which can be bought for a fee of £1.49/$2.32 to readers of Great Worqs, with the majority of royalties being returned to the writer.

There is an aspect of the platform that provides the basis for filmmakers from all around the world to connect for free. With Great Worqs already boasting platforms from multiple well established filmmakers including Terance Nance, Andrew Corkin, Dean Craig, Eric Kolelas and more. The Great Worqs team consists of students from Swansea University, Imperial College London and NYU, along with other schools. Yet, as of the New Year the organisers were already expanding by involving an abundance of students from the Met Film School based in Ealing, after the school is pushing Great Worqs through their institutions social pipeline.

Great Worqs is focusing on creating a platform that will break down the barriers for writers when it comes to publishing and the film industry. Through the platform writers and readers can upload their work or stories and gain traction within days, and depending on how many members of the site love and rate yours stories. Filmmakers will then be able to easily get into contact with you in order to hopefully turn your words into the next Great Worq.

Currently Great Worqs are running a competition in partnership with the MMBF trust which much like their usual set up allows students to upload stories, connect with film-makers/student filmmakers and work together to make a film that will be sent back to Great Worqs. Following this the short films will be put onto their YouTube Channel. The highest viewed videos will then be reviewed by their high profile independent filmmakers who will judge the best film. Winners will get free independent film festival tickets to any festival in the world of their choosing and £100 prize money. At the same time if you already have a short film made you can submit the synopsis of that film and send your film right over, where they will upload the film and your story as a pre-collaborated piece. ​For more info check out (

Or for more information on Great Worqs visit the site, the URL is:

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