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Leonie Dunn

Leonie Dunn

Top 5 Feminist Books

With March being Women’s History Month, Leonie Dunn looks at five of the top feminist works from manifestos to fiction

Classics Digested: Paradise Lost

340 years after John Milton’s death, Leonie Dunn considers Milton’s epic portrayal of the Fall of Man

Great Worqs

Are you a keen publisher, writer or filmmaker? Then check out Great Worqs, the new and innovative publishing platform

Wolf Hall from Book to Screen

Leonie Dunn observes Wolf Hall, the television adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s award winning novels, and BBC2’s most successful drama in over a decade

Top 5: Romantic reads

A list of the top five romantic reads just in time for Valentine’s Day

Opinion: To Boycott or to not Boycott?

Books Editor Leonie Dunn looks over the Christmas Amazon boycott and focuses on why it is both a positive and negative action to take

Chaos to Order: Manchester’s Central Library

Leonie Dunn looks to Library Live’s last event that aimed to smash down cultural presumptions and inhibitions surrounding Manchester’s Central Library

Top 5 Books to Buy this Christmas

Books Editor Leonie Dunn helps you with a list of stocking fillers for this Christmas

Profile: The Chronicles of C.S. Lewis

Books Editor Leonie Dunn looks over the life of the prolific author C.S. Lewis

Top 5 Whodunnit Novels

Books Editor Leonie Dunn picks her top 5 novels on those faceless killers and their detective counterparts

Dylan Thomas’ Centenary

May Dylan Thomas’ death have no dominion

Top 5 Novels on mental health

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, Books Editor Leonie Dunn picks the top 5 most iconic novels that focus and reflect on mental health

Azar Nafisi’s The Republic of Imagination: A Case for Fiction

Nafisi “invites us to join her as citizens of her ‘Republic of Imagination,’ a country where the villains are conformity and orthodoxy and the only passport to entry is a free mind and a willingness to dream.”

Sigmund Freud’s Life and Influence

“Probably no theory evolved by man is as absurd as Sigmund Freud’s theory of penis envy.” –Esther Vilar in ‘The Manipulated Man’.

Review: Zadie Smith’s White Teeth

“Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories.”

The Book vs. the Kindle

With the ever looming start of term approaching fast how are you going to be catching up on your reading?