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Sportswear: when to wear

In life there are rules. To save some confusion, I am going to write down a few guidelines on how to style sportswear.

You might think it is a good idea to go out in your gym kit but is it really? Think about it.
Places where you can go with your running leggings on:
1. Lectures, because who really cares?
2. The gym, because duh
3. Sainsbury’s Fallowfield, even pyjamas are acceptable here
4. Around the house, or someone else’s house
5. Wherever you are immediately before the gym

Places where it is not appropriate to be gym ready:
1. An interview—dress to impress, not to show your commitment to exercise
2. Formal occasions such as the Grammy Awards (Helen Lasichanh, take note)
3. Meetings with academic advisors or seminar leaders
4. Nights out—if you need a sports bra for support, you might be dancing a bit too hard
5. Restaurants, although sometimes leggings are needed for buffet-style events

Are you still feeling a bit unsure? Don’t worry, most people are. As long as you know your limits,you will be ok. Although, swimsuits on the street will never happen.

And if you are really struggling to keep pace with this sportswear as daywear trend, try to aim for a more luxe look. Less going-to-a-spinning-class and more just-off-the-runway. Simple, yet effective. Think slouchy jackets, mesh with chiffon, neon highlights, streamlined accessories. If you style yourself well; sleek hair, high heels, racing stripe all-in-one, then you just might be dressed to Grammy standard. Maybe.

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