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Photo: Volta

Sonnet 167

‘In poetry, the volta or turn, is a rhetorical shift or dramatic change in thought and/or emotion.’

Volta, Didsbury, seems an appropriate place to visit as my deadlines have come to an end with the last hand in of an essay on Shakespearean tragedy—this is the turning point at which I experience a dramatic change in thought or emotion. It could be a sense of freedom and release, or a descent into a maddening search for life purpose. There was a lot resting on this visit.

We began in celebration with wine,
The bottle name escapes my memory;
A certain assurance that it was fine.
With a side of dough from Trove Bakery,

We opted for the tapas style menu:
The chorizo, lamb, shrimp and beetroot dip,
Showcased talent as a small plate venue.
First dish soft and flavoursome, worth the trip;

Though the shawarma I did not savour,
What redeemed this dish from spoiling the mood,
Was the wide accompaniment of flavour,
Exploding from the vibrant ray of food.

So please, my experience let alter,
Your new urgency to visit Volta.

Volta Eaterie & Bar,
167 Burton Rd,
West Didsbury,
M20 2LN

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