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Life drawing at Studio Bee – a perfect midweek activity

Life drawing at Studio Bee – a perfect midweek activity

Life drawing at Studio Bee provides a warm welcome and a positive atmosphere to all, whether you’re an experienced artist, or someone seeking a new, creative pastime.
PLY’s winter cocktail menu

PLY’s winter cocktail menu

PLY’s new winter cocktail menu features an array of festive themed drinks: from the Roast Peach Old Fashioned to the hot chocolate wine, there’s something for everyone this Christmas.

Sonnet 167

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs takes up poetry for her review of literary-themed Didsbury restaurant, Volta

Two Catalan poets

Tamara Stanton heads to Instituto Cervantes in Deansgate to hear Catalan poets Josep Lluίs Aguiló and Manuel Forcano read from their newly published anthology

A Review of the Inaugural Cheese and Wine Society Event

It was in the words of one distinguished guest, a long expected party; the 140 pink cloakroom tickets had sold out quicker than Facebook shares on May 18th 2012. Described as “the greatest social happening since the fall of the Berlin Wall” the Cheese & Wine society’s inaugural evening lived up to expectations as all […]

Celebratory sipping

As the academic year draws to a close, Ben Walker advises on that essential post-exam tipple

My Political Hero: Leo Tolstoy

James Jackson tells us why he regardsTolstoy as an inspiration.