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Overheard at the University of Manchester, May 2015

“I’ll have the pink one, I don’t mind. Gender is a social construct.”
Overheard in Sainsbury’s Local

“Nothing sums up Neuroscience at Manchester more than a presentation, project deadline and mock exam all on the same day.”
Overheard outside Roscoe

“Threesomes were very popular that year. Had I known their marriage was going to end anyway, I probably would have done it.”
Overheard outside the Library

“I could not even tell you what my dissertation was about. I think I’ve blocked it out of my memory.”
Overheard in Sam Alex

“Don’t bother, lad. Life’s not worth the effort.”
Overheard outside the hospital

“I accidentally got with myself once in the mirror in the loo of a megabus.”
Overheard in the union

“Chile is in Europe, right?”
Overheard in Sackville Street

“I am taking the Pangaea theme very seriously, my costume will walk the fine line between Disco and Apocalypse.”
Overheard in the Learning Commons Café

“He’s not a BNOC he’s just a cunt.”
Overheard in Uni Place

“In the exam, worst comes to worst, just use the word equity. It makes you sound smart.”
Overheard in the Precinct computer cluster

“Get ready for my new mixtape, it’s called grades and it’s about to drop.”
Overheard in Blue 2

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