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Got flu?

So you’ve succumbed to the dreaded fresher’s flu. A week of binge drinking, late nights, and dodgy meals have left you feeling rotten. Whilst sniffing, shivering and sneezing is not the ideal start to your first week of lectures, a speedy recovery is essential in time for the weekend.

Bed rest is essential. Whilst most of us need no excuse for a lie-in, getting an early, and preferably sober, night’s sleep will leave you feeling refreshed. Moving the mountain of dirty clothes and flyers, washing your beer-stained laundry and opening a window to let some fresh air in, are all likely to help make the bedroom a healthier (and more hygienic) environment for rest and recovery.

If that breath of fresh air did the trick, don’t stop at simply opening the window: Manchester is surrounded by beautiful countryside areas, perfect for walks, cycling and daytrips. Groups such as the Hiking and International societies plan regular trips out of the city.

Liquids are another essential, to replace the vast quantities that we have sweated out on the dance floor or lost through alcohol induced dehydration. Water, teas and fruit juices will all do the job. Beer and vodka will not.

Now that the excitement and chaos of Freshers’ Week has passed, we may have time to locate the closest supermarket or greengrocers. A healthy diet, cooked meal, or more fruit and veg instead of pizzas and beer can work wonders. Take a look at the Food & Drink section of The Mancunion for some ravishing recipes!

If all else fails, a visit to the Doctor will help get you back on your feet. If you haven’t already then now is the time to register with one of the many GPs, either close to campus or near your halls.

So put aside the Domino’s vouchers and try something a little better for you, in order to get healthy in time to do it all over again.

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